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20 June, 2023

Performance Test Tools: The Rap Battle

rap battle

In keeping with this month’s Chatbot theme, I wanted to see what our new friend ChatGPT thought of some performance test tools. But to make it more interesting, I asked it to compare them in the form of a Rap Battle!

I want to caveat this by saying – This is, of course, just for fun! It’s not an in-depth technical review, it’s not something to base business decisions and test tool strategy on. But it is pretty clever and impressed me more than I anticipated.

The Contenders!

Performing for you on the mic tonight are three of the most famous test tools ever to grace a stage!

Testers of the world, give it up for:

LoadRunner Cloud!!!!

The Battle!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages! It’s the moment nobody has been waiting for, the clash of the century!

Tonight’s contest is scheduled for 1 verse each and please… keep it clean!

So without further ado, here it is, the epic rap battle to end all rap battles!!

Thank you, ChatGPT, and take it away test tools…


NeoLoad on the mic, let’s get things straight,
I’m the performance testing tool you appreciate,
Real time insights, real deep data,
When it comes to user loads, ain’t no tool greater.

Scripting? You bet, I’m the one they pick,
My GUI’s so slick, makes JMeter look sick,
And LoadRunner Cloud, ha, you’re a joke,
You talk a lot of cloud, but only I bring the smoke.

I’m fast, I’m automated, I’m the tool of today,
When it comes to performance, NeoLoad leads the way,
So JMeter and LoadRunner, you best step aside,
NeoLoad’s on the beat, enjoy the ride.


Oh, please, NeoLoad, don’t make me laugh,
I’m JMeter, the OG, you’re just the draft.
I’m open-source, baby, I’ve got the crowd,
You’re stuck behind payments, living under a cloud.

I’ve got versatility, I can handle any test,
Web, FTP, database, I’m simply the best,
LoadRunner Cloud, you’re just in the sky,
When it comes to solid performance, it’s JMeter they buy.

So NeoLoad, take a step back,
Your corporate front can’t handle my attack,
I’m JMeter, the giant, the testing titan,
Against my raw power, you’re just a kitten.

LoadRunner Cloud

LoadRunner Cloud, stepping up to the plate,
I’m the cloud-native champ, don’t underestimate,
I’ve got scalability, unlimited testing strength,
I’ll go the distance, no matter the length.

NeoLoad, you’re okay, but I’ve got the power,
In the world of performance, it’s LoadRunner’s hour,
And JMeter, your open-source style’s kinda neat,
But against my enterprise capabilities, you face defeat.

I’m LoadRunner Cloud, the all-round winner,
In the rap battle of testing tools, I’m the spinner,
NeoLoad, JMeter, you put up a good fight,
But LoadRunner Cloud is ruling the night.

Thank You and Goodnight!

Hopefully you enjoyed that as much as we did – we’ll leave the judging up to you!

Whatever you think of AI chatbots, there’s no denying they’re making an impression. We’ve looked at their impact on software testers, you can learn more about this by clicking the button below.

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Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a OpenText (formerly Micro Focus) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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20th June 2023

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