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LoadRunner Cloud

LoadRunner Cloud (previously called StormRunner Load) is a cloud-based SaaS performance testing software tool. It’s simple, smart, scalable and avoids the need for expensive hardware for Load Generators.

LoadRunner Cloud is suited for Agile, DevOps and Waterfall approaches to web and mobile performance testing, and allows users to run load tests for internal and external applications, with support for applications including SAP, Oracle and Citrix.

BlazeMeter v LoadRunner Cloud: Which Should You Choose?

LoadRunner Cloud is ideal for any business that needs a performance testing tool, especially if you have to test for seasonal demand and peaks in the load on your applications.

There’s more about LoadRunner Cloud, the outstanding performance testing tool for web and mobile applications, in our software video review.

LoadRunner Cloud (previously called StormRunner Load) has several options for creating scripts, including VuGen, the same scripting tool used by LoadRunner. Most LoadRunner scripts work as is in LoadRunner Cloud. Beyond VuGen, LoadRunner Cloud also works with many open-source scripts, such as JMeter, Gatling and Selenium.

Why LoadRunner Cloud is Better Than JMeter (and Costs Less)

It is the most popular choice for large-scale concurrency testing of web and mobile apps. In fact, it’s the fastest-growing SaaS product made by Micro Focus (formerly Hewlett Packard Enterprise or HPE).

Purchase testing subscriptions that last as long as you need for as many users. Need high-intensity testing for hundreds of thousands of virtual users in a single month? No problem. Or ongoing testing for just a handful of users over a year? Again, LoadRunner Cloud can handle it.

Define tests via scripts or even use tools to record user interface actions and have these turned into scripts. Sync test scripts from GitHub repositories to stay up to date, and scale tests up and down quickly.

Some key features:

  • Simple: it’s easy to use, with realistic scripting, and tests and scripts can be uploaded in minutes.
  • Smart: using predictive analytics, it provides real-time information with problem-solving recommendations.
  • Scalable: from a few up to 5 million virtual users without the cost of additional hardware.
  • Simulate real network conditions: using Network Virtualization on LAN, WAN or mobile networks – a feature that no other tool can currently offer.
  • Test around the globe: using load generators in the Amazon or Azure clouds, as well as your own load generators.
  • Get application insights: understand why your application is slow and identify where to focus effort to resolve the problem.

We offer all kinds of packages and can tailor to your needs.
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