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Data Protector

You Are Creating More Data Than Ever – But Is It Safe?​

It can be, with Micro Focus Data Protector.

Data Protector is your enterprise-grade backup and disaster-recovery solution. Data Protector provides a robust and secure backup solution for your diversedynamic, and distributed enterprises.

Standardised Protection Across All of Your Environments

Data protector gives you standardised protection across Physical, Virtual and Cloud

Scalable to Support Your Growth 

Scale to billions of files, devices and media systems

Connect Easily with Best-in-Class Platform Integrations

Data protector has native integrations with Azure and Amazon s3. Data Protector can also integrated via a cloud gateway or a backup appliance.

Recover Your Data Instantly with Native Application Integrations

Accelerate availability for applications and databases including SAP/HANA, Oracle, Microsoft, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase, and DB2 with granular recovery and automated point-in-time recovery.

Automate Your Disaster Recovery 

Automate DR with centralized bare metal recovery from or to physical and virtual systems from any existing file system or image. Enabled with a single click at no additional cost.

Pain Free Backup and Recovery for Your Virtual Environments 

Backup your virtual environments with agent or agentless VM consistent backup in VMware and Hyper-V environments. Use advanced restore operations to recover the entire VM or conduct file level restore.  

Reduce Your Effort with Orchestration, automation, and monitoring 

Track and manage SLAs for critical applications with key performance indicators. Use business dashboard to track backup KPIs. Orchestrate and automate workflows to reduce administration time and minimize operation errors.

We offer all kinds of packages and can tailor to your needs.
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