Do you want to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of your testing, and to ensure that your mission-critical applications and systems are ready for service? 

What if you’re short on time and need to perform quick but thorough tests to find the problems before your customers do?

Calleo Software is the Micro Focus Partner of the Year for UK and Ireland 2018. We sell the Micro Focus testing tools that let you run a wide range of checks before your users get their hands on your systems.

Zap bugs, check performance, test early using service virtualization, check application security and monitoring with the full suite of Micro Focus tools – it’s the professional testing toolkit primed for all your needs.

  • Rely on the tools trusted throughout the testing industry.
  • Set up manual or automated test scripts that are quick to run.
  • Scale up fast and save your budget with cloud-based SaaS systems.
  • Test all aspects of your applications and systems before go-live.
  • Use Waterfall, Agile, DevOps or the hybrid framework that suits you.
  • View a dashboard of the current status of testing and drill down into the detail.

For all stages of software Quality Assurance, the Micro Focus suite has everything you need to get your software ready for service.

You’re here for market-leading test software with no pushy sales. We’re here to give you honest guidance and the best testing tools for your enterprise.

Calleo Software is run by me, Stephen Davis. I’ve partnered with Micro Focus from the time when it was still Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). 

My 30+ years of testing and development experience means I can recommend the tool that’s right for you from a wide range of Micro Focus options. There’s no point selling you a hammer when what you need is a nail gun.

Why us?

  • Micro Focus Partner of the Year, UK and Ireland 2018
  • 30+ years of testing and development experience
  • Not trying to sell you consultancy by stealth

View the product range, check out our software reviews and get in touch to find out which is the best testing tool for you.

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