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Business Process Monitor

Identify Performance Issues Before They Affect Your Users

Micro Focus Business Process Monitoring proactively and consistently monitors your business processes.

Business Process Monitoring lets you keep an eye on your applications by running performance scripts against your live systems. Regularly and consistently simulating your business activity and checking your chosen business processes. With BPM, you’ll know when your key processes slow down or fail – before anyone else.

BPM lets you address issues before they become problems. 

What is Business Process Monitor?

Business Process Monitor automatically detects performance and availability issues. Before your users are impacted

Business Process Monitor simulates virtual users performing your day-to-day processes. Business Process Monitor runs scheduled scripts, supporting over 50 protocols. You can choose to run your pre-recorded scripts from multiple cloud locations, or from your own hardware.

Business Process Monitor Features

Business Process Monitor Key Feature: Visibility and Information

Business Process Monitor gives you visibility of your application performance. You always know how your processes are performing and will be alerted if any issues occur.

Business Process Monitor Key Feature: Reuse LoadRunner Tests

Business Process Monitor can re-use your LoadRunner tests. You don’t need to script new assets. If you’ve already built performance tests, simply add them to the Business Process Monitor scheduled

Business Process Monitor Key Feature: SaaS or On-premises deployment

Business Process Monitor can be deployed as a traditional on-premises solution if required or preferred. It can also be utilised through SaaS, taking away the maintenance and ensuring you are always up to date.

Identify and Fix Live Performance Issues Earlier 

Do you know if your live processes are working correctly? With Business Process Monitoring, you do.

Sure, you may be able to access some system performance metrics. But do you know if your customer experience has been affected? Often the first time you hear of issues is when complaints start rolling in, or when orders dry up.

You Can Consistently Monitor End-User Experience. 

Business Process Monitor lets you monitor end-user experience. Automated scripts regularly execute your chosen business processes. They collect and feedback detailed transaction-level performance data.

Business Process Monitor gives you rapid visibility of issues. This lets you fix issues as early as possible. You can react to even the slightest of discrepancies, making sure they don’t grow into customer problems.

Business Process Monitor gives you the ability to proactively fix issues before your customers experience problems.

Business Process Monitor Licensing and Investment Options

Licensing Options

Business Process Monitor is licensed per ‘transaction’. A transaction is essentially a script executed from a single location. Licenses are available for either:

  • Per Transaction – A script from a single location
  • Multi-Location– A script from any number of locations
    1. Multi-Location is generally the cost-effective option when executing from 4 or more locations

Investment Options

Business Process Monitor is available via the following commercial models

  • On-Premises Perpetual
  • On-Premises Subscription (annual term licensing)
  • SaaS

We offer all kinds of packages and can tailor to your needs.
Request a Free Demo / Trial to really understand its potential.



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