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Performance Testing

Test the widest range of application types, covering web, mobile and every other technology. Test intelligently and continuously, with an optimised ROI.

Understand where your bottlenecks are so that you can optimise your applications and improve client and server performance.

Test across different locations and be ready when seasonal demands and other peaks in load put your applications through their paces.

LoadRunner Cloud

LoadRunner Cloud (previously called StormRunner Load) is an outstanding performance testing tool for web and mobile applications.

LoadRunner Cloud is suited for Agile, DevOps and Waterfall approaches to web and mobile performance testing, and allows users to run load tests for internal and external applications, with support for applications including SAP, Oracle and Citrix.

Avoid the need for expensive hardware for load generators with this simple, smart, scalable solution. Scales from 100 to 5 million concurrent users.

LoadRunner Professional

LoadRunner Professional (previously called LoadRunner) helps you get serious about performance testing.

The widest range of applications supported by any performance testing tool. Identify and resolve issues before applications go live. 

Ideal for companies testing from a single site, LoadRunner is the benchmark all other performance tools are compared to. Larger organisations who build performance in end to end use LoadRunner to support their performance engineering.

LoadRunner Enterprise (previously called Performance Center)

Use LoadRunner Enterprise (previously called Performance Center) to run enterprise performance testing. Plan and execute tests across multiple test projects and across different geographic locations.

LoadRunner Enterprise is built for performance testing and for engineering specialists working at scale on different projects that need to be tested at the same time, either locally or globally.

LoadRunner Enterprise is the tool for those who perform global testing, need shared services or have need to run multiple performance tests at the same time. 

Available as perpetual (on-premise) or subscription (SaaS) models.

LoadRunner Developer

Micro Focus LoadRunner Developer is the perfect developer performance tool.

LoadRunner Developer lets you spot, and fix performance issues earlier. Developers can execute up to 50 concurrent users, directly from your IDE of choice, and via a wide variety of languages.

Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization helps you to understand how slow networks affect your application’s performance. It also shows you what you can do to optimise your application to improve client and server performance for a better customer experience.

Network Virtualization is now included for free with LoadRunner Cloud, LoadRunner Professional and LoadRunner Enterprise to give real insight into how your website or mobile apps will perform over different networks.

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