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Micro Focus products are the industry-leading tools that cover every major area of testing. 

Whether your business needs to test an internal system used only by your staff or a mobile app used across the world, the Micro Focus suite will help you improve the speed, coverage and quality of your testing.

The tools cover 6 main areas of testing. Click one of the panels below to dig deeper and learn how each tool can help you. 

When you’re ready to find out even more, get in touch and let’s talk about how these tools can become an investment in the long-term success of your business. 

Who makes the testing tools?

The testing products we recommend and sell all come from Micro Focus. That name may not be familiar, but the company merged with the former software division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in 2017 to become the leading maker of industry-standard testing tools.

Calleo Software is a Micro Focus Gold Partner and also the Micro Focus Partner of the Year for UK and Ireland 2018.

Test Management Tools

Use comprehensive lifecycle management tools to test faster and better.

Improve defect traceability, get cross-project reporting and help your Agile teams to add quality to your application delivery.

Functional Testing

Test the widest range of application types, covering web, mobile and every other technology. Test intelligently and continuously, with an optimised ROI.

Get tools to speed up manual testing and for Agile, GUI and API applications.

Performance Testing

Understand where your bottlenecks are so that you can optimise your applications and improve client and server performance.

Test across different locations and be ready when seasonal demands and other peaks in load put your applications through their paces.


Service Virtualization allows you to test earlier (shift left) so you can start to test before the application is complete, and also test when the whole test environment is not available.

Service Virtualization provides a way to emulate components of an integrated system, by simulating the messages these systems exchange.

Application Monitoring

Monitor performance and availability of your applications and systems and take action before end users are affected.

Monitor web applications and mobile apps, and get clarity on application performance problems at the transaction level.

For mobile apps, understand how the app performs on different devices and operating systems and see the effect on CPU, memory, battery life and more.

Education and Certification

Whether you’re new to the Micro Focus suite of test tools, or an experienced user, Calleo has the training you need to enhance your skills and increase productivity.

Calleo offer a range of education resources including digital and instructor led courses.

Hybrid IT Operations Management

Is your Hybrid IT Landscape Complex and Difficult to Manage?

Our ITOM solutions give you control of your landscape and the freedom to choose the right platforms as you need them.

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