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LoadRunner Enterprise

LoadRunner Enterprise (previously called Performance Center) is an enterprise performance testing tool that allows you to plan and execute tests across multiple test projects in any geographic locations. It is the big brother of LoadRunner Professional that allows you to share the software licence and load generators globally.

Built for performance testing and for engineering specialists working at scale on different projects that need to be tested at the same time, either locally or globally.

LoadRunner Enterprise runs scripts that use virtual users (Vusers) to emulate users generating load on your web servers or applications.

LoadRunner Enterprise collects and analyses end-user and server response time data to provide a clear view of performance.

Benefits of LoadRunner Enterprise (previously called Performance Center)

  • All the benefits of LoadRunner, plus…
  • Share the LoadRunner Enterprise Vusers and load generators with all teams.
  • As many controllers to run the tests as needed, allowing multiple concurrent tests.
  • Schedule tests and the Vusers and load generators you need.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce cost by performance load testing any application.
  • Support a broad range of applications, from legacy tech through to the latest web and mobile applications, with advanced scripting capabilities.
  • Identify bottlenecks via non-intrusive, real-time application performance monitoring (APM) and test diagnostics. Use production monitoring data to compare and fine-tune your tests.
  • Run mobile performance testing for both browser-based and native mobile applications.
  • Use anomaly detection to quickly identify abnormal application behaviour in performance tests.
  • Integrate performance testing into your development environment to achieve continuous integration and continuous testing.

We offer all kinds of packages and can tailor to your needs.
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