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Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization helps you to understand how slow networks affect your application’s performance. It also shows you what you can do to optimise your application to improve client and server performance for a better customer experience.

Network Virtualization is included with LoadRunner Cloud (previously called StormRunner Load), LoadRunner Professional and LoadRunner Enterprise (previously called Performance Center) to give real insight into how your website or mobile apps will perform over different networks. Want to understand how a mobile app performs when used on a train from London to Manchester? Now you can test that.

If you are serious about understanding how your applications perform over different networks, this is the tool to use.

If you are not familiar with Network Virtualization, watch our short video to introduce the concepts. 

Benefits of Network Virtualization

  • Discover and capture: discover and capture live network performance conditions such as latency, packet loss, bandwidth limitation and jitter—and recreate those conditions in your application performance tests.
  • Virtualization and test: test application performance against real-world LAN, WAN and mobile network performance conditions to see how network performance affects application performance well ahead of deployment by using Network Virtualization.
  • Analysis and optimisation: analyse results and gain insight into the root cause of network performance bottlenecks by using performance testing and performance engineering software. Then apply fixes to ensure that the application you deploy is optimised for target network performance.

We offer all kinds of packages and can tailor to your needs.
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