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Service Virtualization

Want to reduce your testing costs and speed up your testing? Service Virtualization allows you to test early (shift-left) or test integrated systems by emulating components that are not available.

Instead of slowing development and delivery while you wait for other components to become available, you can virtualize them – that means simulating their behaviour so you can focus instead on testing only the parts of your systems that are ready. 

With Service Virtualization, you stay on schedule even when dependent application components or systems aren’t available.

If you are not familiar with Service Virtualization, watch our short video to introduce the concepts.

Service Virtualization can be used:

  • By Development to simulate components not yet built.
  • For Functional Testing to provide a full environment for early testing – facilitating shift-left.
  • For Performance Testing to provide a full scaled environment, when the cost would otherwise be prohibitive.
  • For staff training, to provide a working system without the cost of a full end-to-end system.

Benefits of Service Virtualization

  • Early and fast testing: keep to your development and testing schedule even when you can’t develop or test the real versions of applications, dependent systems and services.
  • Free up shared resources: if you can’t test part of your system because another team is using it, don’t interrupt their workflow: virtualize it and get your tests underway.
  • Reduce costs: avoid the prohibitive expense of setting up a full scaled environment. Test only what you need.
  • Support for multiple technologies: virtualize what matters: create simulations incorporating a wide array of message formats, transport types, and even ERP application protocols to test everything from the latest web services to legacy systems.
  • Integrate with Micro Focus testing apps: easily configure and use virtual services in your daily testing practices. Service Virtualization features fully integrate into LoadRunnerPerformance CenterALM and UFT.

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