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What To Do If Support Has Expired

You might already have a decent testing setup but not the support contract to go with it.

That means that you can fall behind with latest releases and miss out on help when you most need it. This isn’t ideal when there are mission-critical applications and systems to test. We know it’s all too easy to put off upgrades and therefore put support at risk. You’re busy with other work or your security policies mean that upgrades are a pain. The result – things get out of date and before you know it, you’re stuck when you really need help.

The good news is that you often won’t need to abandon your investment in existing tools and assets. The even better news is that we’re happy to provide a free audit for businesses in the UK and Ireland, to help you find the right test and support setup.

With our help, you’ll get the most cost-effective way to set up the right support so that you can minimise testing headaches and maximise ROI.

Watch our video that discusses – “Why you shouldn’t always replace legacy testing software”

We’ll talk to you about the routes that will set you up with the support options that suit your business, such as:

  • Returning to support: renewing a support contract.
  • Adding new licences: getting better coverage for your testing needs.
  • Replacing software: substituting old licences with costly support with cheaper options, and ensuring you have the right testing tool for today, not what was right several years ago. 

Get in touch and we’ll discuss what’s right for your testing needs.

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