We’re Calleo Software and we sell best-of-breed testing tools that help you deliver faster, test more effectively and set up the infrastructure for long-term success. 

The tools we recommend and sell are made by Micro Focus. Don’t recognise the name? Founded in 1976, they are an established business that merged in 2017 with the former software division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

With Micro Focus tools, you can test the widest range of applications, including the latest web and mobile technologies, ERP/CRM applications and most legacy systems. 

Get your mission-critical applications and systems ready for your users, with tools for test management, functional and performance testing, service virtualisation, application security testing, and monitoring web and mobile applications.

Our typical customers are testing professionals in finance, retail, manufacturing and software development.

Whichever industry you’re in, your applications and systems need to be tested thoroughly. Get the right tools to give you confidence that your customer-facing and internal systems are ready for service and optimised for performance.

Calleo (pronounced cah-LAY-oh) comes from the Latin verb, meaning to be skillful or wise by experience. Or, as we say it, ‘wisdom through knowledge’.

Calleo Software is run by Stephen Davis. Since founding the company in 2016, Stephen has guided Calleo Software to become a Micro Focus Gold Partner and also the Micro Focus Partner of the Year for UK and Ireland 2018.

Stephen has 30+ years’ experience in all three pillars of modern IT. In that time, he has:

  • worked in development
  • run a data centre
  • managed software testing consultancy

Working across these areas has given Stephen a breadth and depth of understanding about IT and testing that isn’t common in the industry. As someone who started in development but who has also managed test projects, Stephen is well placed to understand the challenges facing the modern test professional.

Calleo Software is here to help you tackle those challenges by helping you choose the best Micro Focus testing tools to get your applications and systems ready for service.

When he’s not thinking about testing, you can find Stephen skiing, scuba diving, sailing or spending time with his family. Stephen is married, has two children at university and a cockapoo called Jess.

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