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ValueEdge is a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform specially designed to revolutionise how you perform Value Stream Management (VSM) and software development.

This forward-thinking solution provides the flexibility and agility you need in today’s dynamic digital environment. ValueEdge helps you analyse and improve the flow of value through your business and software projects, from concept to go live.

ValueEdge is not a one-size-fits-all solution but a platform that can be customised and adapted according to your unique pace and requirements. Imagine having a toolbox where you can pick and choose the right tools for your specific project needs—that’s precisely what ValueEdge brings to the table.

ValueEdge Spans the Entirety of Your Digital Value Stream.

Starting with the initial strategy and planning stages, ValueEdge assists and empowers you through the building phase, ensures rigorous testing, aids in efficient delivery, and oversees the smooth running of your applications.

ValueEdge helps you can turn your digital ideas into reality. With each component working in harmony, ValueEdge helps you eliminate roadblocks, increase efficiency, and deliver genuine business value consistently and effectively.

The ValueEdge Modules

ValueEdge Spans the Entirety of Your Digital Value Stream.

ValueEdge Strategy is a platform for planning and controlling software development projects. It ensures alignment between your software development efforts and business objectives while facilitating SAFe Lean Portfolio Management. This module assures timely, within budget, and quality delivery of software development projects.

ValueEdge Agile

ValueEdge Agile furnishes you with the tools necessary to create and manage your product and team backlogs. It transforms how you strategise, administer, and improve software delivery. This module facilitates continual value delivery within Agile and DevOps teams by providing an intuitive way to manage work, defects, backlogs, pipelines, and sprints.

ValueEdge Quality

ValueEdge Quality is a comprehensive testing and quality assurance solution helping organisations deliver superior software. Built on OpenText’s industry-leading ALM Octane quality management tool, this module supports cloud-based test management, defect and vulnerability management, revolutionising software delivery and accelerating test management and execution.

ValueEdge Functional Test

ValueEdge Functional Test is a next-generation test automation tool. This module merges business-focused model-based testing, AI-driven testing, and a vast testing lab equipped with test execution machines, mobile devices, and browsers. It offers several functional testing capabilities, including regression, user acceptance, and end-to-end testing. It ensures that software functions as intended while meeting quality standards.

ValueEdge Performance

ValueEdge Performance is a platform for performance testing and analysis. It enables the simulation of real-world scenarios and software performance testing under various conditions. ValueEdge Performance is based on the class-leading performance tool, LoadRunner Cloud. It helps identify performance bottlenecks and optimise software to perform optimally under high loads.

ValueEdge Release

ValueEdge Release acts as a platform for managing software releases. It automates the software release process, ensuring speedy and reliable software delivery. This module offers a range of automation capabilities, including continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), enabling efficient software delivery.

ValueEdge Ops

ValueEdge Ops is a platform for managing software operations. It allows businesses to monitor and manage their software infrastructure, ensuring efficient and smooth operations. This module offers an array of monitoring and management capabilities, such as log management, performance monitoring, and incident management.

ValueEdge Insights

ValueEdge Insights is the key VSM module within ValueEdge. It is a potent analytics and reporting tool that uses AI to improve flow by providing analysis and recommending specific remedial actions. ValueEdge Insights provides real-time software delivery metrics across your entire SDLC. It helps you identify and remove bottlenecks, pinpoints areas for improvement, enables software delivery process optimisation and reduces waste.


No matter how you’re developing software, OpenText ValueEdge is a powerful platform with component modules supporting every SDLC step. With ValueEdge, you can use all modules or cherry-pick the ones you need and integrate them into your existing solutions.

If you have implemented, or are planning to implement VSM then ValueEdge is the perfect choice. Even if you have no interest in VSM, ValueEdge still provides the ideal toolset to help you deliver high-quality software at pace.



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