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Micro Focus Sprinter offers a set of utilities to improve the quality, repeatability and traceability of manual testing. Sprinter is a standalone piece of software that comes with Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management, Quality Center and Micro Focus Mobile Center solutions.

Sprinter improves tester productivity and accuracy with easy-to use screen toolbars, annotated screenshots, video and textual test step capture, intelligent defect documentation, automated data entry and more.

Benefits of Sprinter

  • Enhanced exploratory testing: capture user actions as steps in a formal test.
  • Data resources: data injection eliminates the manual repetition of tests.
  • Mirror testing: run tests simultaneously across multiple machines for increased environment coverage.
  • Defect scanners: automated defect scanners test for key conditions such as spelling and compliance.
  • Improve team communication: auto-generate smart documentation to improve communication with your dev teams.
  • Easy UFT: one-click automation with Unified Functional Testing (UFT).

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