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LoadRunner Developer

Micro Focus LoadRunner Developer is a free performance test tool.

LoadRunner Developer is perfect for developers. It lets you spot, and fix performance issues earlier. Developers can execute up to 50 concurrent users, directly from your IDE of choice, and via a wide variety of languages. 

LoadRunner Developer is free, lightweight, flexible, powerful and enables you to shift-left your performance testing. What’s more, you can even execute LoadRunner Developer Scripts in other LoadRunner products, allowing higher volumes and ensuring your test assets can be reused throughout the SDLC.

What is LoadRunner Developer

LoadRunner Developer is a free performance testing tool. LoadRunner Developer allows developers to run performance tests as they’re developing code.

LoadRunner Developer enables shift-left by starting performance testing earlier. LoadRunner Developer can be executed from within your favourite IDE. It allows rapid scripting and execution of up to 50 concurrent users within their usual developer ecosystem.   If you have one of the other LoadRunner family products, you can test above 50 concurrent users.

LoadRunner Developer Features

LoadRunner Developer Key Feature: Lightweight and Flexible

LoadRunner Developer integrates seamlessly with your IDE and CI tools. There is no complex install or licensing, just download the file and extract it to your desired location. LoadRunner Developer runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux with an intuitive JavaScript SDK for easy adoption.

LoadRunner Developer Key Feature: LoadRunner Family Integration

LoadRunner Developer is a full member of the LoadRunner Family. Any test assets created in LoadRunner Developer can be executed in any other LoadRunner Product; LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Enterprise and/or LoadRunner Cloud. 

Your tests can be used throughout your development lifecycle. Testers can leverage developers scripts when building full end-to-end & real-world performance scenarios.

LoadRunner Developer Key Feature: Grafana integration

LoadRunner Developer results can be streamed to Grafana. This is done through Influx DB. Grafana lets you create powerful dashboards to instantly view key data. Results are also available as raw data in the SQ Lite DB file format.

Shift Performance Left – Find & Fix Issues Earlier 

Too often, performance is carried out at the end of a project. Defects are much harder to fix at this point. They take a lot of time and resources – sometimes the key developers have even left your project. 

LoadRunner Developer removes this problem. You can address performance issues early, while it’s efficient to do so.

Best of all, LoadRunner Developer is a completely free performance testing tool.

For more information, check our article on shifting left with LoadRunner Developer: LoadRunner Developer – Shift Left For Free

LoadRunner Licensing (It’s Free)

Micro Focus LoadRunner Developer is completely free. It is available to download and use for free from the Micro Focus AppDelivery Marketplace.

Using LoadRunner Developer with LoadRunner Cloud

LoadRunner Cloud is the perfect companion to LoadRunner Developer.

LoadRunner Cloud is a simple, smart and scalable SaaS performance testing solution. LoadRunner Cloud comes with cloud performance infrastructure, including geographically distributed load generators spread across a range of providers. This saves you budget, time and effort. You no longer have to provision and configure your own servers.

LoadRunner Developer scripts are 100% compatible with LoadRunner Cloud. This allows you to easily ramp up the volumes on your LoadRunner Developer scripts.

Where to Find More Information on LoadRunner Developer

You can find more information on LoadRunner Developer on the Micro Focus website. Here are a couple of useful links:

  1. Introducing LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb
  2. LoadRunner Developer video gallery

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