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Micro Focus UFT One is the best-of-breed software test automation tool.

Unified Functional Testing (UFT) allows you to automate your functional and regression testing and supports the widest range of applications and technologies.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your testing windows, increase your test coverage or free up your testers, UFT One is the perfect choice.

UFT One is available on perpetual or term licenses, while also providing open source integration with Selenium.

UFT One Previous Incarnations

  • UFT One was previously called UFT Enterprise
  • UFT One is an evolution of QuickTest Professional (QTP) and WinRunner.
  • UFT One includes UFT Developer, which was previously known as UFT Pro and LeanFT

UFT One Key Features

UFT One Key Feature: Huge Application Support

Micro Focus UFT One covers the widest range of GUI and API software applications, including web and mobile. It even covers Safari testing on macOS.

Full list of Supported Applications

UFT One Key Feature: AI-Driven Automation

Micro Focus UFT One includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve your test automation. AI provides numerous benefits, including:

  1. Rapid test automation
  2. Increased test resilience
  3. Reduces maintenance effort and cost

Find out why AI will help you test, but it’s not a silver bullet 

UFT One Key Feature: Open-Source Integration

Micro Focus UFT One allows you to leverage your existing open-source test tools. For example, you may have existing Selenium scripts for the web, or use CI tools such as Jenkins to run your automation.

You can execute Selenium automation scripts within UFT and/or use any CI server to run your UFT scripts. This integration protects your investment while allowing for greater coverage and testing across your full software landscape.

Problems You Can Solve with UFT One

With UFT One You Can Reduce Your Test Execution Time by 80%

Using UFT One, Tokio Marine North American Services (TMNA Services) reduction their test execution time by 80% and achieved faster time-to-market. Read The TMNA Services Case Study

With UFT One You can Reduce Your Overall Testing Window by 50%

Using UFT One, Independent Health reduced their overall testing window by more than 50% and reduced their regression time by 66%. This released testers from routine tasks, freeing them for more important work, supporting and protecting quality and reputation. Read The Independent Health Case Study

With UFT One You Can Achieve 100% Testing Traceability

Using UFT One, National Settlement Depository achieved Full transparency and traceability of testing processes. This improved their release quality and reliability, reduced business risks and costs, and eliminated release delays. Read The National Settlement Depository Case Study

How UFT One Compares to Other Test Automation Tools

Selenium vs UFT One

Selenium is often compared to UFT One; Selenium should really be compared to UFT Developer as they are both more technical automation tools. However, as its asked so often, here is the Selenium vs UFT One comparison:

  • UFT One has a much wider range of application support, including mobile, desktop, messaging or API, and web. It is easy to use, has a huge user base and has a flexible, but paid license.
  • Selenium is built for web automation and requires development skills to implement. Selenium is open source, so no license costs, but this is outweighed by the slower development and maintenance timelines, and increased resource cost.

Tricentis Tosca vs UFT One

Tosca is primarily a ‘script-less’ automation tool, designed for business users. While this sounds great in theory, Tosca provides very restricted automation. Imagine trying to paint the Mona Lisa with a paint roller; your testers can’t get into the detail. Tosca does offer some AI benefits, although it lacks the extensive coverage and maturity of UFT One. Tosca also has low adoption, with very few seasoned users compared to UFT One’s huge community of experts.

  • UFT One is designed to be used across the development team; testers (keyword view), automation engineers (code view) and business users (business process view) can create powerful automation scripts. UFT One has far greater adoption and many more users.
  • Tricentis Tosca is built for business analysts and SMEs. Tosca’s ‘Vision AI’ offers similar capabilities to UFT One, but this requires significant time investment during initial creation. Tosca is script-less and lacks the control or flexibility offered by code-driven automation tools.

Did you know… Tricentis Are Obsessed with Micro Focus

You may have noticed Tricentis are making an aggressive marketing push – specifically targeting Micro Focus. Check out our article to find out why Tricentis are obsessed with Micro Focus.

UFT One Licensing and Investment Options

UFT One Licensing:

Micro Focus UFT One is available through a seat licence or a concurrent licence

  • Seat – A single device is authorised to use the software.  
  • Concurrent – The software can be installed on any number of computers, usage of the software is only limited by the number of licenses purchased.  This is a global licence.

Note: if you plan to use UFT across multiple sites or offshore, they must be concurrent licences

UFT One Investment Cost:

Micro Focus UFT One is available via

  • Perpetual licenses
    • Upfront purchase of the licence with first year’s annual support
    • Support packages can be bought upfront
  • Term licence
    • Options for 3, 6 or 12-month terms
    • 12 months offer the best value with shorter terms ideal for peak usage

We offer all kinds of packages and can tailor to your needs.
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