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Application Monitoring

Monitor performance and availability of your applications and systems and take action before end users are affected.

Monitor web applications and mobile apps and get clarity on application performance problems at the transaction level.

For mobile apps, understand how the app performs on different devices and operating systems and see the effect on CPU, memory, battery life and more.

AppPulse Active

Reduce the chances of user abandonment and learn about performance issues before your users tell you about them. Run a subset of your application’s automated tests against your live production system, and speed up your repair times.

AppPulse Mobile

Your mobile users don’t have patience for apps that let them down. Use AppPulse Mobile to step into your users’ shoes and understand whether slow performance, app crashes, battery drain or something else is affecting the user experience.

See where your users exited and abandoned the app, and correlate that with performance and stability metrics.

Use FunDex to get a clear dashboard view of the health of your app. Improve your scores to stand a better chance of achieving high ratings in the app store.

AppPulse Trace

More than 70% of application performance issues are reported to businesses by end users. Use AppPulse Trace to spot problems at the transaction level and get your fixes done quickly before anyone notices.

Isolate problems down to the specific line of code, SQL statement, Ajax request or log message. Investigate server-side transactions to help with remediation of performance bottlenecks.

AppPulse Web

Understand client-side performance problems so that you can drill down and resolve the root causes of issues that affect your users’ experience of your web applications.

Pair up AppPulse Web with AppPulse Trace to correlate client performance or availability problems to the transaction taking place on the server, helping your developers isolate and remediate problems.

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