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Functional Testing

Test the widest range of application types, covering web, mobile and every other technology. Test intelligently and continuously, with an optimised ROI.

Get tools to speed up manual testing and for Agile, GUI and API applications.


Get three tools in one:  UFT One, UFT Developer and Sprinter to test the widest range of applications and technologies, and to improve the efficiency of your manual testing.

Automate functional and regression testing with the most widely used automation tool.

Need continuous testing or to test applications built with various different technologies? UFT can help you speed up application delivery and improve the quality of your applications

UFT One (previously called UFT Enterprise)

UFT Developer

UFT Developer (previously called UFT Pro) is lightweight functional testing software designed for continuous testing and continuous integration.

UFT Developer (formerly known as LeanFT or UFT Pro) is powerful and lightweight functional automation software for Agile and DevOps teams. Perfect for developers, testers and test automation engineers as it is designed for continuous testing and continuous integration.


Sprinter offers a set of utilities to improve the quality, repeatability and traceability of manual testing. Sprinter is a standalone piece of software that comes with Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management and Micro Focus Mobile Center solutions.

Streamline and accelerate Agile testing with a manual testing tool that helps to improve the quality of your web applications

UFT Runtime Engine

UFT Runtime Engine allows you to run parallel UFT scripts without the need for a full UFT licence. Run your regression test harness faster with more licences, and run UFT scripts from ALM, Quality Center and Jenkins.

If you need to run many tests in parallel or want to continue developing UFT scripts and run test, this is the tool to use.

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