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UFT Runtime Engine

UFT Runtime Engine allows you to run parallel UFT scripts without the need for a full UFT licence. You can run UFT tests (both GUI and API) and business process tests without installing the full UFT IDE.

UFT Runtime Engine can be used to:

  • Run UFT scripts using a cheaper licence, allowing you to continue developing scripts using the full UFT licence.
  • Run your regression test harness faster with most licences.
  • Run UFT scripts from ALM, Quality Center and Jenkins.

Benefits of UFT Runtime Engine

  • Light installation: the Runtime Engine works without the need to install other components such as the Run Results Viewer and the help documentation, making for a smaller installation that saves disk space.
  • Quick to get started: very little UFT experience requirement and no need to edit tests. Select a test, run it and then view the results.
  • No GUI dependence: run tests from different locations without the need to open the UFT interface or configure UFT options.
  • Support for Micro Focus and third-party tests: run tests and components from ALM, automated tests and post-build tests via Jenkins.
  • Run tests as part of your build process: using the Jenkins plug-in, you run a UFT test as a post-build action of your application’s build process.
  • Local testing: Runtime Engine comes with external tools to allow UFT tests to run locally, including Test Batch Runner and Silent Test Runner.

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