Hidden Gems: Accelerate Your Device Testing with UFT Mobile

Accelerate Device Testing with UFT Mobile

Mobile testing presents an ever-increasing challenge to the test team. Devices are already more important and more complex than ever before, and these trends are set to continue indefinitely. UFT Mobile is by far the best tool for this challenge, but hardly anybody knows about it.

What is UFT Mobile?

UFT Mobile (previously called Mobile Center) provides an end-to-end lab of real mobile & tablet devices and emulators to help you test mobile applications.  From exploratory testing to automated testing and performance testing, you can control the devices to mimic almost everything that a person can do with a phone.

UFT Mobile Lets You Accelerate Device Testing

A lot of mobile development time is taken up by testing; it slows your release frequency, stalls your updates, and gives your rivals extra breathing room. With UFT Mobile though, you can accelerate your device testing and reduce your development time.

This hidden gem could be the secret to your success… and allow you to get ahead of the competition.

UFT Mobile Solves Your Biggest Mobile Testing Challenge

Earlier this year, Calleo ran a poll across our network - What is your biggest challenge when mobile testing. The results were resounding; over half of respondents said that sourcing mobile devices is the biggest challenge when mobile testing. 

As we discussed in our article, the challenge isn't just the number of devices, but accessing these devices. This is especially challenging with the remote and hybrid working models.

UFT Mobile solves your biggest challenge with 2 innovative solutions:

  1. Mobile farms let you connect physical devices that your whole team can connect to and share - regardless of where they are working from home/office.
  2. The mobile lab you can access devices via the cloud or use emulators. 

Automating Mobile Tests is Easy with UFT Mobile

Connected to the right mobile devices might be the biggest challenge, but it's not the end of the story. You then need to run your tests across all these devices - this requires either:

  1. A lot of time
  2. A lot of resources, or
  3. Effective mobile test automation. 

To be honest, 'A lot of time' and 'A lot of resources' are both understatements. In our article, how the numbers get crazy when mobile testing, we show how it can take 200 hours to test 5 simple mobile processes.

Integration with UFT One

The only realistic answer is mobile test automation and UFT Mobile is the perfect tool for the job. UFT Mobile includes a free UFT One license, this gives you class-leading mobile test automation.

With platform-agnostic scripts, UFT One streamlines the number of automated tests you need to create and maintain - further reducing the time and effort involved.

Integration with Open-Source Tools

UFT Mobile will also integrate with open-source test automation tools including Selenium and Appium.

Check out 5 reasons you need UFT Mobile for more reasons why UFT Mobile is the best choice for mobile device testing.

A Hidden Gem: Accelerate Device Testing With UFT Mobile

With its ability to revolutionise your mobile testing, UFT Mobile is a true hidden gem. There isn’t another tool that has as much functionality, and yet hardly anyone seems to know about it.

Not only does UFT Mobile allow easy connection to physical, cloud and emulated devices, but it also accelerates your testing even further through UFT One integration and platform-agnostic automated scripts.

While others are struggling with their mobile testing, UFT Mobile could be exactly what you need to get ahead of the competition.

Discover this hidden gem - Arrange a Demo of UFT Mobile Today!

Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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16th August 2021

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