Micro Focus - Where Software Goes to Die?

Micro Focus - Where Software Goes to Die?

You've probably heard it said, Micro Focus is where software goes to die.

Even if you haven't heard it, it's pithy enough to convey the sentiment; Micro Focus buy products to run them to end of life, milking their service contracts without investing in them.

But is it true? In a word... no.

As Mark Twain told us, "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story".

Micro Focus Have Ramped Up Development

Rather than letting their tools die, Micro Focus have invested heavily in development. They have not only improved existing software but have expanded their offerings and modernised license options. Micro Focus also have a robust and agile development pipeline, with planned releases alongside customer-requested enhancements. 

Micro Focus have Consistently Improved Their Software

Let's take the Micro Focus test tools as an example. Since acquiring the HP test tools suite, Micro Focus have:

  • Increased the frequency of releases on all their test tool products
  • Released brand-new software including UFT Developer and LoadRunner Developer

Mico Focus Have Adapted to Changes in the Industry

Alongside their product development, Micro Focus have evolved their offerings to reflect the changing nature of our industry:

  • Modernised their license offerings across the board, including enhancing SaaS and broadening Cloud based models
  • Implemented strong integration with open-source products - e.g., Selenium and UFT integration
  • Continued to embrace the DevOps movement - e.g Octane integrates fully with your CI Tools

Micro Focus Have A Detailed and Expansive Roadmap

At their recent Universe event, Micro Focus announced a slew of developments across their entire range of test tools. Again, these included yet more updates and enhancements to their existing products and more brand-new solutions.

Check out the Micro Focus Universe sessions for specific details on their roadmap – The sessions are all available free, on-demand and are worth checking out. Especially if you like keeping up to date with our industry.

So Why The Negative Reputation?

All of this begs the questions, where did Micro Focus get this reputation? Why are so many people convinced that they're not investing in tools?

Micro Focus Have a Huge Portfolio

Well, in part it's due to Micro Focus having such a large software portfolio - currently at 267 products. With this many products, and given the nature of technology, it's natural that some older products will be discontinued, while new products will emerge to take their place.

What happens though, is that some existing customers are happy with these discontinued tools - if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. This is completely reasonable, and Micro Focus continue to support these tools, but stop developing them.

This lack of ongoing development can be a cause of frustration for the existing customer base, and they often vocalise their discontent. This sows a seed of negativity that can be hard to shift.

Micro Focus Don’t Like to Shout

Also, the reputation is in part due to Micro Focus's reluctance to shout about their new developments. They're just not a marketing-led company, unlike some rivals in the testing space, Tricentis for example. Micro Focus prefer to do, rather than just say. 

Unfortunately, this lack of positive marketing leaves the naysayers as the loudest voice.

Software is Alive and Kicking at Micro Focus 

With increased development of existing products, evolution of licensing models, and regular new product launches, Micro Focus is definitely not a software graveyard.

It’s easy to accept and repeat a pithy soundbite, but as you know, the truth isn’t always the best story. If you do even a little digging, once you cut through the noise, you’ll see that software is very much alive and kicking at Micro Focus - even though they don't shout about it.

Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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25th April 2021

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