Quality Center ALM provides a unified platform for managing and automating processes, activities and assets for building, testing, delivering and maintaining applications. 

It helps organisations to drive consistent processes, to share best-practices and to share assets across projects.

Quality Center ALM includes everything available in Quality Center Enterprise, plus the following:

  • End-to-end traceability: traces relationships between requirements, process paths, defects and test coverage.
  • Tight integration: supports Micro Focus tools such as ALM Octane for Agile and DevOps testing but also integrates with third-party tools.
  • Manage changes: use base lining and manage requirements with version control.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance: use ALM e-Signature, a controlled workflow with an electronic signature add-in for ALM Quality Center.
  • Apply Bimodal IT: ALM Quality Center’s integration with ALM Octane supports rock-solid BAU functions while providing flexibility for innovation.
  • Cross-project reporting: zoom out to the big view and zoom in to project-level detail.
  • Risk-based testing: test based on recommendations about business criticality, failure probability and functional complexity.
  • Improve test accuracy: use Business Process Testing (BPT) to engage business analysts and create reusable test components that map to real use cases.
  • Manage “Quality of Things”: take advantage of the increase in IoT adoption by using a new QoT execution client to run manual tests online and offline.
  • Application lifecycle intelligence: real-time insights on where resources are deployed and full SDLC traceability.

Quality Center ALM is available as perpetual (on-premise) or subscription (SaaS) models.

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