Education and Certification

Training for All Skill Levels

Whether you're new to the Micro Focus suite of test tools, or an experienced user, Calleo has the training you need to enhance your skills and increase productivity.

Calleo offer a range of education resources including digital and instructor led courses.

No matter your situation, our Micro Focus education and certification offerings will enhance your team and improve your testing.

The Full Micro Focus Suite

We cover the full suite of test tools from test automation to performance engineering, test management to mobile testing:

  • ALM / Quality Center
  • ALM Octane
  • LoadRunner Cloud
  • LoadRunner Professional
  • LoadRunner Enterprise
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • UFT One
  • UFT Mobile
  • And any other Micro Focus training

Micro Focus education and certification for LoadRunner, Quality Center, UFT

Why Invest in Training?

Education and Certification will benefit your company, your team, even your customers and end-users.

Here are just a few of the improvements you can expect with Calleo's Micro Focus Education and Certification:

How Your Company Benefits

  • Improve your system quality
  • Reduce defects and heighten user experience
  • Accelerate projects with better testing
  • Increase the adoption of your test tools
  • Lower your reliance on 3rd party experts
  • Boost your test team's productivity
  • Deliver ROI earlier

How You and Your Team Benefit

  • Master the Micro Focus tool suite
  • Develop your skills and professional standing
  • Increase your morale and independence
  • Validate your understanding of the tools
  • Confirm you have the skills needed to succeed
  • Gain an industry recognised qualification

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