Test Tools: Why A Little Training Goes A LONG Way

A little test tool training goes a long way

Test tools are one of the best ways to accelerate a software project, and they’re more affordable than ever before. SaaS and term licenses provide fast and flexible options to suit project budgets and lifecycles. But these tools won’t work on their own, they require skilled operators. You can’t expect people to use them without a little education.

If you want to unlock the potential of these tools, you need to train your testers.

Like the tools themselves, training is affordable and flexible. Calleo provides a range of different training options to suit your needs.

If you want to accelerate your project, your testers will need at least a little training. In this post, we’ll explain why tool training is one of the most important investments you can make.

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Maximise What You Already Have

If you want to accelerate your project, you need to remove the bottlenecks. On most projects, testing is an area where a little attention can go a long way. With a little effort in the right place, you can streamline testing and accelerate your software project.

  • You don’t need to change your development process,
  • You don’t need to buy new tools
  • You don’t need to hire new people.

You just need to maximise what you already have. 

With Testing, a Little Training Goes a Long Way

Let’s take test tools as an example. Ignore the license, infrastructure, and hosting costs. Instead, think about how much time and effort testers spend working with test tools.

Likely, each tester spends at least 50% of their time using test tools. Because of this, they’re one of the most pivotal investments a project can make. But are your testers really maximising your investment?

When used correctly, test tools have the power to slash project durations and set up BAU/Ops with long-lasting collateral. Very few, if any, other project investments can pay the same dividends for such a low cost. Test automation alone can reduce execution times from weeks to hours.

But if you want to get the benefits of test tools, you need skilled resources. Training is the surefire way to upskill your test team.

We’re not talking degree-level courses. More like a helpful push in the right direction.

Test Tools Are More Affordable Than Ever

Test tools like ALM Octane and UFT One are now more affordable than ever. SaaS and term options let you cut out infrastructure costs and remove long term commitments.

Because of the controlled and low costs, it's easy to fund test tools from project budgets, rather than appealing to a central IT budget.

Increasingly, test tools save businesses money. This is in addition to their well-known project benefits. In the latest World Quality Report, 50% of companies reported seeing a positive ROI from test automation.

Test Tools Require Skilled Operators

Regardless of the cost, however, you can only achieve the potential gains if your team are given the right training.

During the 2008 recession, the mantra “do more with less”  was adopted across the board. People want to reduce costs wherever they could. Training was a clear victim of this budget slashing. Of course, it was reasonable at the time, but it was never meant to be a long term solution.

Worryingly, 10+ years on, this view still pervades. Many companies I speak to never returned to pre-recession levels of training.

You just can’t expect to maximise your test tools without training.

Like most tools, test tools require skilled operators. Too often though, projects just throw new tools at testers, expecting to see instant results.

You've probably seen this with failed automation projects. Your more technical testers have been given access to a potentially great tool, like UFT One. Credit to them, they created scripts that accelerated testing a little, for a few days. But they spent a long time putting those scripts together, and they weren't exactly stable. 

Without training, even the most technically gifted resources will struggle to get the most of our test tools. Most users will barely scratch the surface of what a tool can do.

Who Can Provide Your Testers with Tips and Tricks?

As a good example, it's useful to think of MS Excel. A tool most of us have used to some degree or another. If you're like me, you've picked up a few tips and tricks over the years, but there's always so much more to learn. 

Excel is universal, and yet still few people know how to unleash its potential. 

With test tools, your testers don't have years to pick up tips and tricks. Plus, who is going to impart these words of wisdom to your testers? Nobody else in the business has any level of experience. Without training, they'll never learn the basics, let alone the powerful intricacies of your test tools. 

Fortunately, targeted professional training will rapidly accelerate test tools skills. In just a few hours, your team will be able to achieve proficiency they could never gain by just messing around or reading manuals. This, in turn, leads to a motivated team that delivers an increased and more robust output. Training Comes in Different Shapes and Sizes (and Prices)

Calleo Test Tool Training Offerings

No matter what your training needs, Calleo will work with you do identify the perfect solution.

We provide:

  1. Digital Learning
  2. Instructor-Led Training
  3. Product Certification

Information on each of these is provided below:

1. Digital Learning

Digital learning offers a convenient way to fit education into your schedule, especially during periods of social distancing.

Digital Learning is provided online and available whenever you want it.

Role-based training ensures your whole team have access to the right course at the right time. Give your team the skills to maximise tool use and thrive in their careers.

2. Instructor-Led Training

With a focus on practical experience, Instructor-led training allows you to get your hands on the solutions. Lab-based courses are provided:

  • At your location
  • In a virtual classroom
  • At an external venue

Delivered by an experienced instructor who provides training, answers your questions, and gives real-world context to bolster your knowledge.

3. Product Certification

Certification is a great way to prove your knowledge and demonstrate credibility. Not only this, but certification offers personal satisfaction and the reassurance that you're doing the right things.

Calleo provides certifications for the full suite of Micro Focus products and solutions.

Levels ranging from foundation to mastery will ensure your whole team has a clear path to development and recognition.

Spend a Little on Training, Reap a Lot of Rewards

Testing is often a bottleneck, slowing down projects and release frequency. However, you can easily speed things up with the right tools and skills.

With just a little training, you can unlock the potential of your tools and your team.

Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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12th May 2022

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