Software Testing: How You Make a Success of 2022

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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is right now. The same applies to testing tools. If you want to improve, then at some point you must take the plunge. Now is the perfect time.

Looking back at 2021, did everything go as smoothly, or as quickly as you’d like? Were there times when you wished you could do things better, with less effort? 

Time moves fast, we're into Q2 already. But it’s not too late. You still have time to make 2022 the year you get ahead of the game.

How to Take Action in 2022

Making a change is easier than you think. Just a series of small actions can have huge and positive consequences.

Just imagine yourself a year down the line from today, looking back at 2022. Was it the year where you implemented real change? It can be, all you need to do is plant that metaphorical tree today

How to Stop Putting Things Off

Taking action can be daunting, and we’ve all got plenty going on already. But taking positive action can be time well spent. It’s the only way to make changes. As someone once said, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Small, consistent steps are all you need. Before long you start to make some significant changes. Below, we look at how your year could pan out if you act today. This includes:

  • You will test faster
  • You will eliminate wasted time
  • You will increase visibility
  • You will boost your reputation
  • … and more

Here’s how your 2022 retrospective could look if start taking small steps today:

January, February & March

You started the year back with a renewed enthusiasm. The break did you good and you were ready to make a difference. Pretty soon though, the same old patterns emerged. 


After reading this article, you decided enough was enough. You took action. You’ve known for a while that a proper test management tool would make a big difference, so you decided to make it happen.

Even though you had no budget, you reached out to Calleo to get their input. How could their tools make your test team better this year?

When the information came back, you realised that test tools could make a bigger difference than you thought. Calleo showcased 2 of the leading test management tools, Quality Center ALM and ALM Octane. Given you weren’t ready for Agile, you opted for QC. 

QC has the functionality you need and is easy to use. Plus, it isn't as expensive as you expected. In fact, it is very affordable. 

With help from Calleo, you quickly pulled together a business case and started socialising the idea amongst your colleagues.


Success! With all your hard work and planning, you presented your business case internally and secured a budget for QC ALM!

With help from Calleo, QC ALM was set up within days. You were able to start importing your old tests and cleaning up your test assets.

The initial import went smoothly, and it gave you a chance to trim down your bloated regression pack. Just a few days later you had a streamlined test set and prebuilt reports.

You used your new test tool for the first time – the time savings were incredible.

Reporting took just a few clicks. Defect meetings became much easier.

You were able to share different reports with the test, delivery, and project teams. You even produced a stakeholder update in a matter of minutes.

The quality and ease of output were beyond your expectations.


Momentum was on your side, and you had a hunger for more change. You realised that with the right tools you could improve testing and reduce your own hassle. So, what was next on the list?

After mulling it over for a while, and discussing it with your colleagues, you settled on test automation.

Once you’d made the decision you got in touch with Calleo again. They had made the ALM purchase so easy, so you asked for advice on automation tools and a business case.

As always, the team at Calleo were more than happy to help. They recommended UFT One, which has the bonus of being able to test your web, GUI and API applications. Plus, it can test your soon-to-be-released mobile app. You were able to put together a very compelling business case. 


You need to test a major release, so you paused automation thoughts for a while 

Success! The testing went better than anyone expected. The solution passed through testing smoother than any previous release.

ALM QC had not only accelerated everything, but it made results and progress accessible to the whole project. Delivery could focus on problem areas easily, ahead of the due date.

By the time the exit meeting arrived, you were in a great position. Everybody knew what to expect ahead of time. The decision was easy – go live.

You went live with only a couple of p3 defects, and the project was happy. 

You basked in the glory, but deep down you realised how much more time you would save if you had automation…


August was a quieter month. You had a couple of weeks off, but you were still able to push automation forward. You pulled a meeting together. You shared your automation thoughts with the wider company and presented UFT One.

The project stakeholders were already impressed by your initiative, so this time around was a much easier sell. You noticed how they all treated you differently these days, your stock had definitely risen.

Success! You were given the go-ahead for an automation pilot, including tools and training. 


With help from Calleo, you secured the necessary UFT One licenses and deployed the software seamlessly. The integration with QC ALM was a huge advantage.

Your allocated testers started their UFT training. Before too long they were itching to get started.


Your automation testers were learning more by the week. They started to build an initial automation smoke test. For the first time, you could run a basic regression test overnight. This had the potential to change everything.

Success! Thanks to all your improvements, you were offered a promotion to programme test manager.

The role didn't even exist before, but the stakeholders wanted to make sure you were recognised. And wanted to make sure you stayed. 


By the time November came around, automation was ploughing ahead at full speed. Your team had picked things up quickly. All of sudden, test cycles were reduced from weeks to hours.

You start to wonder how you ever lived without Quality Center ALM and UFT One!


With the holidays looming, you stopped to look back at the year. You’d managed to get so much done, without busting a gut over it. 

You’d implemented 2 new tools, boosted your stock in the company and earned a promotion!

Make 2022 The Year You Take Action.

Now, this is how your year could go and if you have read this far you have already taken that first step. As I write this, we are approaching the end of March. If you want to make a difference in 2022, now is the time to act!

2022 is your year – Make it happen with Calleo. We are ready to help.

Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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25th March 2022

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