3 Reasons to Attend Micro Focus Universe 2022

Why You Need to attend Micro Focus Universe 2022

Micro Focus Universe 2022 is almost upon us. If you’re not familiar, it’s their global showcase event with all hands on deck to help and inform anyone interested in Micro Focus solutions.

It’s well worth your time, especially if you’re using, or thinking about Micro Focus tools. These include LoadRunner Cloud, Octane, UFT One, Quality Center ALM, and all their other products. Calleo are regular attenders, Universe helps us keep up-to-date and in the loop.

Importantly, this year is a virtual event again, so there's no need to take days off work or worry about travel or hotels. Calleo even has a virtual booth – I have no idea how it works, but I’m excited to find out. 

You can register for Micro Focus Universe 2022 here

3 Reasons to Attend Micro Focus Universe

If that's not enough, here are 3 more reasons why you should attend Micro Focus Universe 2022:

  1. You will gain insights from tool experts
  2. You will learn best practices from experienced practitioners
  3. You will find solutions to your digital problems 

Also, the event is completely free, and you can pick and choose which session to attend. The only investment is your time, and you only need to spend as much as you want.

If you still need more convincing, read on for more details on what you can expect…

1. You Will Gain Insights From Tool Experts

There's always more to learn, no matter who you are. Micro Focus Universe gives you the chance to learn new tricks and techniques for familiar tools. They'll cover useful new features plus older, but less well known functionality. All insights are aimed at using tools to solve you digital dilemma - You'll learn how to save time, reduce risk, and increase productivity.

2. You Will Learn Best Practices from Experienced Practitioners

Have you ever got half through a project and thought, “I wish we’d set this tool up differently?”. Whether it’s something simple like naming conventions, or a more complex issue like tool configuration or process, best practices help you get the most out of your solutions.

At Universe, experienced practitioners will provide guidance on the best ways to use your chosen toolset.

3. You Will Find Solutions To Your Digital Problems

Technology is changing the world, but it’s not always easy to navigate. Increasingly, your time is being spent dealing with digital challenges. You might want to leverage new technology to improve your business processes, but you don’t have much time to implement it. Maybe you’re looking to provide modern customer-facing solutions but need help integrating them with your existing ERP.

This year’s Universe event is focused on solving your digital dilemma – how to balance today’s needs with tomorrow’s opportunities.

Register Now For Micro Focus Universe 2022

It’s only a week away, but there’s still time to register for this year’s big Micro Focus event.

Not only will you gain insights, learn best practices, and find solutions… but you don’t even have to worry about getting there.

You can dip in and out, or just attend a single session, whatever works for you. But we highly recommend you check it out.

Universe 2022 is 100% digital and completely free to join.

Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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14th March 2022

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