AppPulse Web allows you to truly understand how your users experience your website. Your application developers will get visibility into client-side performance problems and the tools to troubleshoot and drill down to the root cause of problems. View real-time performance and take the actions needed to safeguard the user experience.

AppPulse Web works hand in hand with AppPulse Trace to correlate client performance or availability problems to the transaction taking place on the server, helping your developers to isolate and remediate problems.

AppPulse Web measures web page load time, includes single-page application (SPA) pages, as perceived by your users, so you can identify the slow-loading components and AJAX calls that impact user experience.

You’ll get direct links to code, exception and log details to help you drill down to performance issues at the transaction level.

Benefits of AppPulse Web

  • Performance isolation for a selected page: get the historical perceived load time correlated with the call volume. For the top 5 pages with perceived load time longer than 3.0 seconds, further drill down to average load time over time is available.
  • Web and SPA pages with errors: identify the top 5 web and SPA pages with errors. AppPulse Web reports the percentage of views with errors and the distribution by error type such as AJAX or JavaScript errors.
  • Transaction log tracing: see a correlated view of server-side log messages across distributed transactions for accelerated problem diagnosis and remediation.
  • Big data architecture: AppPulse Web uses Micro Focus Vertica, a highly scalable big data warehouse, allowing the software to store, correlate, analyse, and report on millions of application instances. 
  • Quick onboarding and configuration: register online, download and deploy the AppPulse Trace agent. The AppPulse Trace agent performs the required instrumentation of the web application pages just before they are delivered to the client device. Within a few minutes of the user starting to use the web application, data will appear in the cloud-based reporting application.

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