Wouldn’t it be great to find and fix web and mobile app performance problems before your users ever become aware of them? And yet more than 70% of those performance issues are reported to businesses by end users – and then 31% of those issues take more than a month to fix. 

AppPulse Trace is a SaaS APM diagnostics software solution that tracks end-to-end transaction flow through all service tiers. You’ll quickly isolate web and mobile application performance problems at the transaction level, allowing you to make fast fixes before your users give up and go elsewhere. 

Benefits of AppPulse Trace

  • 360-degree view of transactions: get a holistic transaction monitoring view, allowing you to analyse distributed transactions across different dimensions.
  • Measure performance: monitor web pages and distributed transaction performance through all server app tiers. Understand the impact so you can make changes to improve the user experience.
  • Isolate performance issues: find out where your app performance problem is. Isolate problems down to the specific line of code, SQL statement, Ajax request or log message. Investigate server-side transactions to help with remediation of performance bottlenecks.
  • Correlate problems with user experience: find app performance problems in minutes through smart correlation, then hand over the info to your dev teams so they can take action and validate fixes for production. Reduce your triage times and lower your costs.
  • End-to-end transaction tracing: trace transactions across distributed application tiers to show end-to-end transaction flows. See code-level detail for every user interaction.
  • Transaction log tracing: capture log messages as they’re generated through all the application tiers, along with the context of the transaction.
  • Big Data architecture: AppPulse Trace is based on Micro Focus Vertica, allowing it to store and correlate millions of instances and perform the related analytics.

Want to drill down to understand how users experience your website? Take a look at AppPulse Web.

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