The myth of legacy testing software

Old technology become less useful overtime. However, you can upgrade. See how

Your friend says they are going to make a quick phone call, and whips out their mobile phone.

You stare in astonishment.

No screen… no Internet…. No apps.

It’s an old-fashioned flip-phone, which has been obsolete for a decade or more.

We all know people who continue to use clunky, old-fashioned tech even when more advanced alternatives had become standard.

And if your company is still working with the same testing software you were using two or three years ago, you might feel like you’re one of them.

But is that really true?

Yes, it’s possible that your testing software doesn’t do what you need any more.  Perhaps the websites and apps you are testing have moved forward – but your testing software is still stuck in 2016.

Glitches may have crept in.

Or other, more advanced testing software might have become standard, but in your office, nothing’s changed.

In short, you’re stuck with “legacy” software, that needs to be replaced.

Or so it seems….

In reality, much of what we class as “legacy” is not actually legacy at all.

It’s very possible that your company didn’t update your testing software when upgrades were released. Because testing tools don’t force us to accept upgrades, it’s easy to “pass”. 

And if you’re out of support, you won’t be able to access new versions anyway.

So think of it like this. 

Rather than working on an obsolete tool, you are working on a previous version of excellent, modern software, which does everything you need.
And there may be easy ways to get your software up-to-date – yes, even if you are out of support.

That way, you don’t have to struggle with tools that no longer feel fit-for-purpose….

…But don’t have to replace your testing software, either, saving your company money and preserving your testing assets. 

I’ll walk you through your options next week.

But in the meanwhile, if you are sick of struggling with your “legacy” testing software, lets talk.

We will audit your legacy software for free, then figure out the best path to get you back to a current version, or if that is not possible, the easiest way to get you the right testing tool. 

But don’t wait – this free audit is only available to the first five companies to contact us. 

Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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20th November 2018

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