Test Tools – 5 Reasons Why SaaS is a No-Brainer

SaaS Test Tools

SaaS Test Tools are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason; SaaS is the most convenient and easy way to purchase test tool licenses. If you haven’t made the change already, now is the right time for SaaS test tools. 

This insight looks at 5 clear reasons why SaaS test tools are a no-brainer...

The Benefits of SaaS Test Tools

While there are many different reasons to choose SaaS, I’ve highlighted the 5 most compelling below:

  1. Speed – Deploy your test tools faster
  2. Simplicity – Eliminate your hardware requirements
  3. Flexibility – Access globally, easily scale up and down 
  4. Features – You’re always up to date
  5. Cost – SaaS gives a great ROI & reduces your cost of ownership

These are the standouts, the real differentiators. Any of these would be enough reason to use SaaS – together they make SaaS a complete no-brainer!

5 Reasons You Need SaaS Test Tools

1. Speed – Deploy Your Test Tools Faster

With SaaS test tools you can place an order and be up and running in less than 5 days. There’s nothing to install, no further hoops to jump through, just place your order and get ready to access your tools.

SaaS also shortcuts your security requirements, no security policy to navigate and negotiate, and eases the burden on your IT team. Everything is cloud-based, there’s no installation required.

2. Simplicity - Eliminate Your Hardware Requirements

When you buy test tools through SaaS, they're hosted in the cloud. This completely removes your need to provision, set up, and maintain any physical hardware and no software to install, patch, upgrade and manage. You get scaling, speed, and security without any of the hassle.

SaaS also provides you with disaster recovery, so you’ve got even less to worry about. 

3. Flexibility – Access Anywhere, Easily Scale Up and Down

SaaS licenses are not tied to a geographic location, unlike many on-premise licenses, eliminating compliance issues. This is ideal for a modern, geographically distributed team. SaaS also fits perfectly with modern hybrid working practices – i.e., working from home. SaaS is designed to be accessed from anywhere, this makes executing performance tests or connecting to mobile labs as convenient from the home as the office.

With SaaS you can easily add or remove licenses – You can ditch redundant licenses in quiet times while ensuring you always have enough during peak testing effort. 

4. Features - You're Always Up To Date

In my experience, most on-premise test tools are stuck on old versions and old hardware - upgrading is just too much effort. SaaS Test Tools are always up to date. This means that you get the latest and greatest functionality as soon as it's released, without the pain of upgrades. 

It's not uncommon to hear my customer's say, "I love the Micro Focus products, but I wish they had X functionality or could do Y". They don't realise that X, Y and even Z are available with an upgrade. For example, check out all the new functionality in ALM/QC 15.5.1.

5. Cost - SaaS Gives A Great ROI & Reduces Your Total Cost of Ownership

When you consider all the factors above, it’s not surprising that SaaS can reduce your total cost of ownership. Not only do you eliminate hardware costs, maintenance effort and redundant licenses, but you also remove upgrade and administration effort – I’ve known test managers spend days and days wrestling with test tool configuration. 

With low costs and flexible pricing models, SaaS tools give you an amazing return on investment. 

5 Reasons SaaS Test Tools Are A No-Brainer

There you have it; 5 cast-iron reasons to switch to SaaS test tools. 

  1. Speed – Deploy faster
  2. Simplicity – Eliminate hardware requirements
  3. Flexibility – Global and scalable 
  4. Features – Always up to date
  5. Cost – ROI & reduced cost of ownership

Each one stands alone as a great reason to make the change, together they’re an absolute no-brainer.

The Best-in-Class SaaS Test Tools:

When it comes to specific SaaS test tools, there’s only one provider you need to look at - Micro Focus. They provide the class-defining testing solutions, are constantly developing their solution, and are a leader in SaaS test tools.

  • ALM QC - Test Management solution for Waterfall and large system
  • ALM Octane - Test Management solution Agile, DevOps and Waterfall
  • LoadRunner Cloud - Performance Engineering solution for modern applications
  • LoadRunner Enterprise - Performance Engineering solution for traditional and modern applications
  • UFT Mobile - Feature-rich test lab mobile devices and tablets
  • Service Virtualization - Reduce your testing costs, test integrated systems earlier (SaaS launched May 2021)

These SaaS tools can solve your problems...  why not arrange a demo, or a free trial, and see for yourself?

Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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19th May 2021

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