JMeter? LoadRunner Cloud is Better and Costs Less

Why LoadRunner Cloud is Better than JMeter

You want to performance test your solution quickly, efficiently AND you want to keep the cost down. 

You've had a look at the options and JMeter is coming out the winner. JMeter is open source after all, so it's the obvious choice. Right? Well is it?

What is LoadRunner Cloud?

You probably haven’t looked at LoadRunner Cloud (formerly StormRunner Load). This is a cloud based, SaaS alternative to traditional LoadRunner Professional.

With LoadRunner Cloud, everything is included

Scripting tools, controller and analysis/reporting tools. LoadRunner Cloud also includes globally provisioned, cloud based Load Generators.

LoadRunner Cloud offers all the benefits of LoadRunner Professional (including sophisticated scenario creation, real world network virtualisation) but with incredibly flexible licenses.

LoadRunner Cloud is the tool that JMeter should be compared to.

We'll look at why LoadRunner Cloud makes sense in the following performance testing stages:

  1. Build Robust Performance Tests
  2. Execute Representative Performance Tests
  3. Test Real world Scenarios and Volumes
  4. Fix Performance Defects Quickly

Alternatively, if you're looking for a free performance tool for developers, check out LoadRunner Developer.

Why LoadRunner Cloud is better than JMeter at every stage

1. Build Robust Performance Tests

LoadRunner Cloud has far greater protocol support than JMeter. Chances are, if you want to test any technology, LoadRunner will support it (not the case for JMeter).

If you want to test something other than web, chances are JMeter won’t be of any use. How would that affect your project, your career?

Imagine investing time and money, getting set up with JMeter, configuring infrastructure, developing tests and scenarios, only to find that your company has heavily invested in brand-new software – that can’t even be tested with JMeter?

2. Execute Representative Performance Tests

If you're not testing as close to reality as possible, what's the point? Performance testing is not an abstract theory, It's not like physics where we're told to ignore wind resistance. In the real world a brick drops faster than a feather.

In the software world, network conditions are your wind resistance. When performance testing you need to know your network conditions and replicate them - LoadRunner includes Network Virtualisation to simulate different network conditions, at no extra cost (This functionality is not available in JMeter).

3. Test Real-World Scenarios and Volumes

Scaling tests with JMeter requires significant time, effort, and money. It’s just not built for the same volumes as LoadRunner, which can scale up to 5 million concurrent virtual users (JMeter can’t).

LoadRunner is incredible efficient, with lean memory and CPU demands. Open Source Tools simply cannot match LoadRunner on this. Open Source tools need more tin, whether physical or virtual, and even with this additional investment you might not be able to reach your required user volumes.

4. Fix defects faster with LoadRunner

Performance Testing is often carried out at the end of a project - Bugs (or performance issues) become more complicated to fix as a project progresses through its phases. You need comprehensive analysis and reporting with the information to quickly target and eliminate the defect.

LoadRunner provides class-leading root cause analysis. LoadRunner gives your developers more information than any other performance tool (including JMeter).

It's one thing finding a defect, it's another thing understanding and fixing the defect. With Open Source tools your developers have to invest so much more time and effort to even understand the issue – let alone implement fixes.

LoadRunner Cloud Costs Less Than You Think

Performance test build is essentially free, no matter which toolset you use. The real costs lie in execution, specifically in the simulation of large quantities of virtual users.

I know what you’re thinking, LoadRunner is expensive. Well, it used to be, but times have changed.

With LoadRunner Cloud you can buy virtual user licenses on a per test basis. This keeps costs incredibly efficient. It would be equivalent to only paying Microsoft for the time you actually use Word or Excel.

Summary - LoadRunner Cloud is Better at Every Stage 

You want to performance test your solution quickly, efficiently AND you want to keep the cost down. You've had a look at the options and LoadRunner takes some beating.

LoadRunner Cloud is affordable, flexible and better than JMeter at every stage.

With LoadRunner Cloud, you get everything included; scripting tools, controller, analysis/reporting tools and global cloud based Load Generators.

We’ll help you build ROI models, provide product demos and help find critical performance defects before you go-live.

by Dean Hanson
14th July 2020

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