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LoadRunner Professional (previously called LoadRunner) is load testing software that lets you check the performance of the widest range of applications supported by any performance testing tool, and identify and resolve issues before applications go live. Ideal for companies where the test team is in the same country as the application under test. It can be upgraded to use across country or globally.  LoadRunner is the benchmark all other performance tools are compared to.

The software allows you to:

  • Test comprehensively: LoadRunner covers the widest range of applications of any such tool, and is built for those serious about performance testing.
  • Support an unparalleled number of protocols: cater for legacy and modern application technologies, including SAP, Oracle, Citrix, Ajax and ERP. You can even write your own protocols, meaning LoadRunner supports the testing of any applications.
  • Record real-time scripts: use the TruClient engine to create scripts and see the steps logged as you take them.
  • Test continuously: integrate load testing in a variety of development tools, including Jenkins, Selenium and MS Visual Studio.
  • Simulate real network conditions: on LAN, WAN or mobile networks to gain real insight into how the application will perform under different network conditions using Network Virtualization. (only available from Micro Focus)
  • Identify bottlenecks: use real-time performance monitors to shine a light on the root causes of performance issues.
  • Simplify analysis and reporting: chop up and analyse your data in many ways to easily pinpoint the root cause of the problems. 

Script using VuGen, the most comprehensive scripting engine, supporting the widest range of applications. All VuGen scripts can run unchanged in LoadRunner Enterprise, and many can also run unchanged in LoadRunner Cloud.

Test using your own load generators or access cloud-based load generators available from around the globe with a pay-per-use model.

Run simple or complex test scenarios using a small or large number of virtual users, see the results as the tests are run and then analyse in more depth afterwards via standard or customised reports.

Larger organisations who build performance in end to end use LoadRunner to support their performance engineering.

LoadRunner's CLI tool supports fully DevOps-oriented flows, allowing users to pull scripts from any source control and dynamically allocate load generators.

To find out more about how LoadRunner Professional can help you, get in touch.

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