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4 August, 2022

You Can Test 90% Faster with AI-Driven Automation

You Can Test 90% Faster with AI-Driven Automation

Artificial Intelligence makes test automation easier, faster, and much more efficient. By using AI-driven test automation, you could see up to a 90% reduction in test times versus manual testing.

This number isn’t just plucked from the air. It’s taken from a case study where Roche Diagnostics reduced test execution times by 90%

While a 90% reduction might appear remarkable, it’s not an outlier. Most companies can expect to see similar, or even more impressive reductions, when using AI-driven test automation versus manual testing.

This blog explains how you can reduce manual test time by 90% with test automation AI.

How AI-Driven Test Automation Reduces Time and Effort

Test Automation is not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination. Personally, I had my first taste of automation in 2002. Back then automation testing was fairly fragile and required constant attention. Automation build and maintenance, in particular, were very labour-intensive activities. However, even then, automation did offer significant time savings over manual testing.

In the intervening decades, test automation has progressed immensely. As the applications under test have changed, so too have automation test tools and methodologies.

Test automation has gone from record and replay, through data-driving, modular frameworks, codeless and code-light tools, Behaviour-Driven Development and more. 

Through these changes, automation tools became far more powerful, flexible, and intuitive. They can be shared across business functions and of course, they can slash testing time. However, despite these changes, these automation approaches still required quite a bit of manual effort, particularly in the build and maintenance phases. 

This is where AI comes in. Test Automation AI capitalises on all previous development, while greatly reducing the amount of human effort, and time, required.

What Benefits Can You Expect From Automation AI? 

When you first hear about test automation AI, it can sound daunting and complex. But once you see how it works you realise just how easy it is.

When it comes to automation, your tool choice is critically important. Micro Focus UFT One is the leader in the AI revolution for test automation, and the perfect test tool choice.

UFT’s AI-based capabilities include:

  1. Object interaction: Increase test resilience by interacting with visual objects on the screen the same way a user would. UFT One’s Neural Network understands each object and its context and manipulates it in a natural way.
  2. Mock-up identification: AI-Based Mock-up Identification inspects application mock-ups and identifies objects that could be used in a test. This allows for the preparation of tests much earlier, enabling test design even before an application is fully developed.
  3. Record AI-based scripts: Perform a business flow on an application and create a sequence of AI-based test steps. Within the recording session, you can also fine-tune the object identification and add checkpoint steps. The recording result is a resilient test that can run on multiple browsers and operating systems, both mobile and desktops.
  4. Text matching: Simplify and improve test creation, execution, and maintenance through AI-powered intelligent automation. Advanced OCR greatly increases the resiliency of your test assets  – making your scripts much less likely to fall over.
  5. Image-based automation: Enables UFT One to recognise objects in the application based on what they look like, instead of properties that are part of their design. This can be useful for working with an application running on a remote computer.
  6. AI Transformation Assistant: Run existing tests with the AI Transformation Assistant enabled and receive suggestions for transforming technology-based test steps to AI-based testing steps. Replace existing steps with the suggested AI object steps to create a more resilient and browser/operating system-agnostic test.

By implementing UFT One you unlock the power and efficiencies of AI.

The software picks up a lot of the grunt work, speeding up your whole testing process and freeing your experts to focus on more important and strategic work.

How You Can Test 90% Faster with AI-Driven Automation

It’s easy to implement test automation AI and see huge time reductions. As mentioned above, UFT One is the perfect test automation tool. Not only does it have the broadest application support, but it’s also incredibly straightforward to use.

To help you get started with AI-driven test automation, Micro Focus has created a great series of videos guiding you through the AI functionality within UFT One. These videos are a perfect place to start your AI journey:

Create Scripts Intelligently using UFT One’s AI Record

This video explains how AI Record learns objects and creates test steps that simplify test creation and improve resiliency. 

Identify Objects Effortlessly with AI Identification in UFT One

This video explains how AI Identification finds objects based on visual elements, texts, tables and calendars, context, and more.

It’s Time to Embrace AI-Driven Test Automation

AI has been talked about for a long time, but it’s now a firm reality, and firmly in the mainstream. As you can see from the case study above, major international corporations are leveraging AI to reduce testing time and accelerate their projects.

These are companies with traditional IT departments and relatively standard software development processes. Are they trailblazers? Not really, however, they do de-risk it for others. These early adopters have shown that it’s time for companies like yours to embrace AI-driven test automation.

Arrange A Free Trial Of UFT One

Test Automation AI offers more benefits than those discussed above. To get a true understanding, and to really appreciate UFT One, you need to get your hands on the tool.

Calleo is here to help. We can arrange a demo and free trial of UFT One. If you like the tool, we can also make sure you get the right licenses. Just get in touch today, and we’ll sort everything out.

Get in Touch Today – We’ll Get You Started With Automation AI

Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a OpenText (formerly Micro Focus) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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4th August 2022
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