Need to reduce the chances of user abandonment and learn about performance issues before your users tell you about them? You need a tool that shows you how your applications are performing so that you can pinpoint where things could go wrong before they do. 

AppPulse Active is synthetic monitoring software for the job. It lets you monitor applications both outside and inside your firewall, and allows you to minimise Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) across IT apps. Run a subset of your application's automated tests against your live production system, so you will be alerted if problems arise, which will speed up your repair times.

Benefits of AppPulse Active

  • Measure performance and availability: visualise your application's web speed and take action before it impacts end user experience.
  • Check service levels: use the built-in single-click SLM to ensure your web, cloud and SaaS apps are performing to expectations. Simple to set up and easy to maintain.
  • Predict performance issues: catch and resolve performance pain points before they start affecting end users.
  • Active monitoring: use synthetic transaction robots to simulate user sessions to ensure application availability and performance. Get the visibility you want from inside or outside your firewall and across any locations.
  • Fast setup, easy interface: set up within minutes, with out-of-the-box monitors but no agents to download or deploy. Ensure quality of service via a simple, powerful UI.

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