Stop! Looking for New Test Tools? - You Might Already Have Them

New Test Tools?

Are you looking for new test tools? It's quite possible you already have the tools you need. I've worked with many customers who were surprised to find out what they already had access to.

The Micro Focus tools suite is the most popular and widely used test tool suite in the world today. 

Many companies have the Micro Focus test tools without realising their full potential. 

A Knowledge Gap Might be Holding You Back

Perhaps the licenses were purchased when different people were in place. 

Maybe the test team don't even know you have access to the tools. Or there’s a knowledge gap, as people have not used the tools before. 

Whatever the reason, there's a real chance you already have the perfect test tools.

Tempted by New Tools and Functionality?

It's tempting to covet new test tools and functionality, to stare longingly at the green grass on the other side. After all, new test tools do promise all sorts of benefits. 

Before you start looking at these new options though, it's worth checking what you already have, and whether you're using an up-to-date version. Or have spotted the latest enhancements.

For example, the latest Micro Focus Test Tool versions have amazing new features, including:

If you haven't upgraded in a while, you'll be missing out on these and many more amazing features.

Do You Already Have The Right Test Tools?

Before you commit to a change it's worth asking these 2 questions:

Question 1: Does your organisation already have the Micro Focus test tools?

You might already have to the test tools you need. Whether they're in active use, or maybe shelfware (link to shelfware article). It's worth checking out what you have. 

Don't know who to ask? Calleo can find out for you. Get in touch with Calleo today, we'll check which Micro Focus tools you already have access to.

Question 2: Is it time to upgrade your test tools?

Most Micro Focus customers run old versions, unless they're using cloud versions. Before looking to other tools for new functionality, it's worth checking the latest version of your current tools. You might be surprised by their capability. 

Not sure on your latest or current versions? Again, Calleo can help. We can also arrange product demos of the latest versions, so you can see the latest functionality for yourself.

How Calleo Can Help

We will help you get maximum value out of your test tools.

We're a Micro Focus Gold partner with a high level of skills and expertise, and contacts to all the right people. We'll check which tools you have access to, and what versions you should be running. We will arrange product demos sessions with Micro Focus experts and give you practical advice on upgrading your solutions.

Is keeping on top of your test tool versions a problem?

We can work with you to identify easier solutions. SaaS test tools, for example, are always up to date.

Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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10th November 2021

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