How to improve performance testing with StormRunner Load

Your new company website is close to launch, when concerns are raised that it is not scaling properly. As the website is business-critical, this is potentially a serious failing which could impact revenue and credibility. 

Unfortunately, your existing performance tool is not up to the job (maybe you don’t have one or perhaps is out of support).

What can be done?

If things go pear-shaped, it is your own reputation on the line.

Well, what if I told you that there was a cloud-based performance testing tool, which you could buy on subscription and could be up and running within a few days without any infrastructure to configure or support?

….That it is highly affordable – particularly as you can hire it for as little as an hour, or by the month for larger requirements…..

.…That it is simple, allowing you to design a load test in less than 10 minutes….

….That it can isolate performance problems quickly and scale to more than 3 million virtual users on demand….

…And that you will receive real-time results on intuitive dashboards, which can be easily understood by non-techies, such as your management?

That would be a life-saver, wouldn’t it? Your website could launch without a hitch.

Happily, that tool does exist. It comes from Micro Focus (formerly HPE), who have 20 years’ experience creating great performance tools.

Easy to use even for non-technical staff

It’s called StormRunner Load.

It is enterprise-ready, and can emulate real-world network conditions.

It supports multiple monitoring solutions: SiteScope, Dynatrace, New Relic and AppDynamics.

It’s smart, using predictive analytics for root cause analysis….

Scales up to 3 million virtual users without requiring hardware…

And not only will it help your business to protect its reputation against performance issues, it will help you protect your own reputation within your business, too…

….and to do your job performance testing with more confidence and less stress than ever before.

StormRunner Load is one of Micro Focus’s best-kept secrets.… Although I’m not sure why!

StormRunner Load radically improves performance testing for web and mobile apps.

Here are some of the questions I get most frequently about StormRunner Load:

1. Who is StormRunner Load for?

Designed for SME's to multi-national corporates. For those testing a few concurrent users to those that need to test to millions of users.

For the performance test novice to the performance professional.

2. How do I know that StormRunner Load is right for us?

StormRunner Load is designed for companies that have web and mobile applications or enterprise applications and need to performance test them because there are concerns that it may not scale, or have performance issues… Or perhaps it is simply critical to the business to find out if it has a performance issue before deployment.

You may not have a performance testing tool, or your existing one is out of support and too costly to get it back into support. Or perhaps you have tried to use a free or cheap tool, and it doesn’t work well enough.

In that case, StormRunner Load may be for you.

3. What are its core capabilities and features?

There are so many, and it has recently been enhanced with new features too. Here are some of the best in my opinion:

  • Full SaaS solution, including using cloud based Load Generators available around the globe.
  • Great for waterfall, Agile and DevOps testing.
  • Design and create tests quickly.
  • Runs existing scripts created using VuGen, JMeter, Gatling and Selenium.
  • Get a clear picture of how your application performs with accurate results and predictive analytics
  • See how your web or mobile app will perform under different network conditions with ease. Simulate different mobile networks or slower Internet connections.

Also, new functionality recently announced…

  • New analytics module providing greater understanding of how your application performs
  • Now supports: SAP Web and GUI, Oracle and Siebel Web
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Executive Reporting (beta)
  • And, last but by no means lease. Mix Vusers and Vuser Hours (VUH’s) in the same test. So you can now buy a monthly licence for you normal performance tests and use VUH’s to get to the peak usage. A huge cost saving.

4. What if we have several teams that might need to use this tool?

Not a problem. StormRunner Load can now be used across multiple projects, with teams sharing licenses and hardware so you can reduce costs and maximise efficiency.

Teams can generate reports for every project, see test results and gain deep visibility into many projects at the same time.

5. We need this urgently - How quickly can we have StormRunner Load up-and-running?

Very quickly - within a few days. It is a cloud-based solution which is delivered via SaaS licensing. All you need is a browser to get started. There is no infrastructure to buy, configure or support.

6. What are the advantages of using StormRunner Load over other competing tools?

Where to start?

  • Pedigree - Built by Micro Focus (HP) from the ground up in late 2014 and incorporating some of the functionality of LoadRunner. It is a performance testing tool built for modern technology.
  • Support – Unlike some other tools it is fully supported, so you don’t have to spend time customising and fixing it yourselves.
  • Scripts – Can be used to test a wider range of applications. Also runs scripts from other tools.
  • Scale – Test from 1 to 3 million concurrent users deployed globally
  • More - Core functionality, requires less developer and test time to use
  • Results – Detailed analysis and reporting built into the tool

7. It sounds great but I’m going to have to convince management. What value will the business get if we use StormRunner Load?

If your business is launching a new web or mobile app, you simply cannot afford to go live if there are significant performance issues. You don’t want users to be annoyed and frustrated, affecting their loyalty. And you don’t want to lose income, which is often the outcome.

Management loves the intuitive dashboards, which means they can easily understand the results you're generating

StormRunner Load tests and helps you solve performance issues extremely quickly.

With StormRunner Load to test your new web or mobile app, your brand and reputation will be protected – and so will revenue. These should be top priorities for your management team!

On a separate but related note – management also tends to love the intuitive dashboards on StormRunner Load, which means they can easily understand the results you’re generating. It’s perfect for non-techies.

8. How affordable is StormRunner Load?

As I said, it’s delivered via SaaS licensing and has the flexibility to use it by the hour or by the month, making it extremely cost-effective. 

9. Any case studies of how it’s helped other companies?

Yes! America’s equivalent of EasyJet, JetBlue, relies enormously on its website,, to drive the business.

At peak times it handles 10-15,000 concurrent users, who generate anywhere between 5-45 transactions per second.

So keeping its website running perfectly is business-critical. Bugs and glitches mean that not only does it lose credibility – but revenue.

To keep everything functioning smoothly it must monitor 150 applications. JetBlue created scripts based on historical customer behaviour, but to simulate the user load, they had to maintain a lot of hardware on their premises.

This was far too expensive.

They chose StormRunner Load because it was accessible in the cloud – and cut their testing resource expenses by a whopping 80%, and dramatically reduced risk and prevented outages.

And if StormRunner Load is a solution you’d like to find out more about or explore for your own organisation, please do get in touch. When we talk, we can discuss your organisation’s needs, and figure out whether StormRunner Load is the right fit for you.

Any questions about StormRunner Load? Please share them in the comments!

Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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17th July 2018

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