Hidden Gems: 4 Reasons You Need Service Virtualization (It’s The Best Tool You Are Not Using)

4 Reasons You Need Service Virtualization

When it comes to software delivery, Service Virtualization is a real hidden gem. Not only does it help you keep development on track, but it also saves you money and accelerates testing. And yet, I bet you're not using it? 

When you add Service Virtualization to your software project, you:

  1. Remove development delays
  2. Test Early and Faster
  3. Save Environment Costs
  4. Develop Better Solutions

I'd go so far as to say, Service Virtualization is the most useful tool you're not using. Don’t worry though, you're not alone and it’s never too late to get started.

Plus, most customers find that the Return on Investment is far greater than the cost of the tool.

What is Service Virtualization?

Service Virtualization mimics the behaviour of system components or services. Previously, stubs would be used to skip unavailable components, Service Virtualization gives you an easier, quicker, flexible, and robust alternative.  

For instance, a typical use case for Service Virtualization would be simulating a payment service while testing an e-commerce site. You could use Service Virtualization instead of paying to test against your provider's test system. However, Service Virtualization can do so much more...

Check out this video for more information on Service Virtualization:


4 Reasons Why You Need Service Virtualization

If you're running a large scale project or one with hard deadlines, you should be using Service Virtualization. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Remove Development Delays

More than any other tool or approach, Service Virtualization lets you maintain momentum on a project. It gives you redundancy in the event of a delay like:

  1. Development taking longer than expected on a particularly tricky module
  2. A last-minute change in requirements for a component

These can have knock-on effects throughout your project. Developers waiting for other modules to become available, testers waiting to build or execute manual, automated or performance tests. Your project starts to slow, and once lost, your previous momentum is hard to get back. You'll always be playing catch-up.

With Service Virtualization, these delays can be localised, minimising downtime, and reducing the impact on your overall project timelines.

2. Test Earlier and Faster

Service Virtualization is an incredibly powerful tool for testers. Your test team can start building their assets earlier than ever before giving you many advantages:

  1. Fewer resources needed for test build 
  2. Your tests are ready to go as soon as the code drops
  3. You can build automation tests much earlier than previously possible.
  4. Test environments are simpler and cost less 

3. Save Environment Costs

Service Virtualization saves you money. Not only does it eliminate the costly delays highlighted above, but it also saves you the cost of provisioning full end to end test environments and external services. Most projects have the following:

  1. Restricted access to 3rd party services
  2. Key services unavailable in your dev and test environments

By using Service Virtualization, you can simulate these services rather than paying for them. This can save thousands of pounds, even more on longer projects with more connected services.

4. Develop Better Solutions

Software Engineering isn’t easy – sometimes you encounter challenges that take a while to work through. Service Virtualization eases the pressure on these tricky modules and stops them from causing delays. Rather than developers rushing to complete them, taking shortcuts and workarounds, your development team can instead take the time they need to develop a robust solution. 

Service Virtualization - The Best Tool You Are Not Using

In a world where software delays can have huge consequences, why wouldn't you use Service Virtualization?

As we mentioned earlier, Service Virtualization has many benefits… It lets you remove development delays, test earlier, test faster, save environment costs and develop better solutions. What’s not to like? 

Return On Investment 

Plus there is the ROI - Rather than sitting around waiting, your team are productive, you are saving money and your project is accelerating towards go-live. You should reduce overall spend by accelerating delivery and reducing project overruns.

Where a delay would normally cause people to down tools, products like Micro Focus Service Virtualization allow you to continue development and testing.

There is no other tool that gives you these benefits - Saving costs while maintaining project momentum. Service Virtualization is the best tool you are not using, yet.

Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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1st September 2021

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