ALM Octane 15.0.60 - Read our 4 Release Highlights Today

ALM Octane 15.0.60 Release Highlights

Micro Focus have announced the availability of ALM Octane v15.0.60.

As usual, this latest release includes a wide range of new features and enhancements. There's a lot in there, so we’ve sifted through the detail for you and picked our top 4 highlights:

  1. Automation ROI Analytics & Widgets
  2. Agile and Scaled Agile
  3. Document Reports
  4. Entity relations explorer (Advanced Users - This is for you!)

If you're looking for a more comprehensive list, we’ve included a link to the complete release notes at the bottom of this post. 

1. Automation ROI Analytics & Widgets

Automation ROI analytics allow you to quickly see where you should invest your efforts to get the biggest bang for your buck.

In Octane 15.0.60, Micro Focus have added a couple of handy new widgets in this space: Automation ROI Widget and Automation Instability Widget. These give an easy view of:

  • Regression Cost – did we reduce the time spent on manual regression testing thanks to test automation?
  • Development Cycle Time – did we improve overall development agility due to test automation?
  • Percentage Failures Cause by Unstable Tests – If the automation is unstable, it can dramatically lower automation ROI.

Click here for more details on ROI Analytics

2. Agile and Scaled Agile

For those of you running the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Octane 15.0.60 now includes the ability to assign releases, Application Modules, Tests, and Test Runs to SAFe Programs.

If you’ve not used programs in Octane, they’re a powerful way to filter, rank, and report within a workspace. 

SAFe Scaled Agile Octane

See how to organize your workspaces into programs (Enterprise Edition).

3. Document Reports

Octane 15.0.60 includes the next phase of the Document Report feature. This lets you generate customisable document reports for multiple entities in Word and PDF formats. In this version Micro Focus have introduced the following enhancements:

  • You can add related items to first level entities, as sub-level items. As an example, let’s say you wanted to report on ‘Last Test Runs’ linked to a requirement. With Octane 15.0.60 you can now expand this report to include ‘Last Test Runs’ against the original requirement and its descendant requirements. 
  • You can personalize your document report and customize the header, footer, and logo to appear on your report 

4. Entity relations explorer (Advanced Users - This is for you!)

For a faster development of ALM Octane integrations and reporting, Micro Focus have added the new Entity relations explorer to Octane 15.0.60. This shows you the relations between entities and helps you create API calls and OData reports. 

Micro Focus have added entity fields and UDFs in external action buttons - you can now include any of an item's string - or number-type fields, including UDFs in an external action.

Entity Relations Octane

Further Information on Octane 15.0.60

As you’ve seen, Micro Focus Octane 15.0.60 contains some useful enhancements, but we have only scratched the surface.

If the above information has whetted your appetite, you’re in luck!

You can binge on the full release notes and view all the changes here.

by Dean Hanson
3rd July 2020

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