Why Software Testing is Key to Customer Experience

Software Testing is Key to Customer Experience

Customer experience is everything. Your end-users will always determine the success or failure of your software solution. 

When you think about customer experience (CX) in software, it's easy to think purely in terms of front-end user experience (UX). That is the look and feel, the ease of use.  

There are many articles talking about CX and its importance to the brand. These mainly focus on the UX look and feel, but CX is more than just the shop window.  

CX is all-encompassing. It requires every part of your solution to work perfectly. It’s surprising how often this gets overlooked.

The problem is, your UX is part of a much larger software solution. it's a vital part, but it's only the tip of the spear. UX is only effective if it's underpinned by a solid base. Your underlying software solution needs to work correctly, respond quickly, and integrate seamlessly.

Customer Experience is More than Just UX

While UX is important, it's only a part of the true user experience. There are far more fundamental elements that you need to take care of. Your solution needs to:

  1. Work correctly. You can have the best interface the world has ever seen, but that won't matter if it's flaky. Nothing ruins customer experience as quickly as crashes, failed processes, and bugs.
  1. Respond quickly. These days, everything needs to be fast. Your end-users expect, even demand rapid response times. They won't just sit and wait; they'll look for another solution. 
  1. Integrate seamlessly. No solution stands alone anymore. Data is constantly being moved around your ecosystem. This exchange needs to be accurate. Your data always needs to be up-to-date. 

These elements will make or break your customer experience. Of course, you want a shiny front-end, but the essentials must form the bedrock of your software solution. They can only be achieved with testing. 

Excellent Customer Experience Requires Excellent Testing

Customer experience must be based on solid software engineering. If you haven't covered the basics, your UX will fall flat. 

The companies that achieve excellent customer experience are those that take testing seriously. If you want your solution to excel, your users need to have an impeccable experience. But correct testing can be daunting. Testing is associated with high levels of effort and long durations. 

It’s certainly true that inefficient testing can add a lot of time to your project. It has the potential to slow your release frequency and your ROI.

Because of this, it can be tempting to take testing shortcuts. While they might save you in the short term, taking testing shortcuts will put your solution at risk. Your end-user experience, brand and reputation could suffer.

However, efficient testing can be used to speed up your projects and enable rapid delivery.

With the right approach and tools, testing will accelerate innovation and enhance your customer experience.

Efficient Testing Can Accelerate Innovation

Proper, diligent testing doesn't have to slow your project. There are tools and approaches you can use to speed up testing. With the right tools, you can shrink testing windows but increase coverage and quality. These tools also offer compelling ROI, the time and effort saved will more than make up for any outlay.

Calleo provides test tools that accelerate projects and drive innovation: 

You can ensure your solution works and accelerate your project timelines. Rapid testing lets you implement rapid change. Whether responding to the competition or implementing fresh innovation.

Why Testing is Key to Customer Experience

Customer experience is more than just user experience.

Your solution needs to work flawlessly, respond rapidly, and integrate effectively with connected systems. You can only achieve this with proper testing.

Calleo provides a range of cost-effective test tools to accelerate any project. Tools with a solid and proven ROI.

With efficient testing, you will enhance customer experience, drive innovation, and save money

Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is the founder of Calleo Software, a Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) Gold Partner. His passion is to help test professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

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14th October 2021

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