UFT Developer (previously called UFT Pro or LeanFT) is powerful and lightweight functional automation software for Agile and DevOps teams, built specifically for continuous testing and continuous integration.

UFT Developer allows you to create tests in your favourite IDEs and to write robust and reusable test automation scripts using JavaScript, Java or C#. Get fast feedback from your test execution with the lightweight but detailed results report.

The tool is perfect for developers, testers and test automation engineers who work on continuous testing across different environments.

Benefits of UFT Developer

  • Efficient testing and better collaboration: full integration with standard IDEs, with plugin support to extend IDEs with project templates, including JUnit, TestNG and MSTest. Multi-platform support means UFT Pro can work across different environments and better suit developers’ preferences.
  • Robust and resilient tests: use object identification tools to help maintain consistency of testing models by adapting to changes in the underlying application, including support for Windows Standard, Web, .NET (WinForms and WPF), Java and other common AUT technologies. Application models allow you to extract application objects and separate their identification from the test logic.
  • Comprehensive reporting: get straight to the bottom of issues with the detailed description of test execution flow, including clear, actionable reasons for test failure at each step.
  • Shift-Left Testing: develop testing scripts using modern programming languages such as JavaScript, C#, and Java and leverage BDD frameworks such as Cucumber. UFT Developer encourages developers and QA to collaborate in Agile teams with functional testing capabilities in Visual Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ.
  • Testing with Selenium made easy: UFT Developer extends the functionality of Selenium, helping you to create robust and reusable Selenium tests within minutes. Reduce the complexity and enhance the stability of your tests.
  • UFT Developer solves around 70 problems for Selenium testers - learn more >> The power of 2 - UFT Pro & Selenium

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