UFT Ultimate - a suite of functional testing products


UFT Ultimate provides everything that your team needs to perform functional testing, including automated and regression testing, manual testing and even mobile app testing. 

The suite includes all of the great features found in UFT Enterprise and more, making this the premium choice for those serious about functional testing.

UFT Ultimate comprises a suite of functional testing products:

  • UFT Enterprise: automate functional and regression testing for the widest range of applications and technologies.
  • Mobile Center (for functional testing purposes only): test any mobile or tablet device with any operating system & version.
  • Sprinter: a suite of advanced features and tools that make manual testing more efficient and effective.
  • Business Process Testing (a subset of ALM Quality Center, so a valid ALM Quality Center or Quality Center Enterprise concurrent licence is needed for this).

If you know that mobile and tablet testing are going to be part of your ongoing test plans, you can save money by opting for UFT Ultimate versus buying the above products separately.

UFT Ultimate gives you all add-ins and supported technologies that work on either the GUI or the API/services layer.

To find out more about how UFT Ultimate can help you, get in touch.

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