DevOps Suite is a set of Agile and DevOps application delivery tools that help your teams to govern, test and monitor software. You get 4 great SaaS tools for a fantastic price.

Individually, each product is a leader in its own space. Together, the Micro Focus DevOps suite provides your team with everything you need to speed up delivery times and increase quality. And it suits your team's way of working: DevOps, Agile, traditional or a hybrid of methodologies.

ALM Octane lets your Agile and DevOps teams plan, build, test, and track software throughout its lifecycle.

StormRunner Functional gives you the option for intelligent and continuous functional testing.

StormRunner Load helps you achieve simple, smart and scalable load testing that simulates real network conditions.

AppPulse Suite lets you optimise the user experience.

Benefits of DevOps Suite

  • Modern quality management: use ALM Octane to capture and develop requirements for any project and software development methodology: Agile, DevOps, traditional or hybrid. Manage quality and track it across the enterprise.
  • Intelligent and continuous functional testing: StormRunner Functional lets you test web and mobile applications on any environment using an on-demand virtual lab and powerful analytics. Test on local devices or hosted device lab.
  • Simple, smart, and scalable load testing: design load tests in minutes with StormRunner Load. Get easy, cloud-based testing at enterprise scale, detect problems fast, and solve them with intelligent and predictive analytics.
  • End-to-end monitoring: the AppPulse Suite helps your application teams understand users and their experiences, to help you deliver and adapt user-focused applications, and achieve high-velocity releases with quality.
  • Integration: each of the products in the DevOps Suite integrates with your software delivery ecosystem, whether your team is traditional, Agile or DevOps.
  • Single System of Record: information from the DevOps Suite products is rolled up into ALM Octane, where you can see the overall progress, quality and user experience.

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